Tuesday, 4 February 2020

"One Night With A Billionaire Boy" Episode 18

One Night With A Billionaire Boy 

         Episode 18

Rihanna POV

Thank goodness I was able to put that proud peacock in his place 

I won't stand by and watch him insult me and sawmy family.

Scarlett had asked me to wait for her but she is yet to come 

I waited for while but she didn't turn up I decided to go round who knows maybe I might see her

Haven't gone any further when I heard her discussing with punk king 

I hid behind a pillar so I can hear what they are talking about 

A tear excaped my eyes as Scarlett defended me before her brother whole heartedly 

I couldn't listen anymore ,I ran out of the house in tears,

I don't know if I will be able to forgive that man for what he did to me and my family..

I took a cab home to meet grandma and Vicky watching TV

Thanks to Scarlett I was able to pay for Vicky's tuition fee 

And buy some groceries too

"Good evening grandma" I greeted and peck her on the check

"Good evening sister" Vicky said and forced on the TV

"Evening my dear how was your first day at work today" Grandma asked

"Work was great grandma atleast I was able to put mr grumpy king in his place ,that will teach him to stay away from me" I smirked

"Oh really !! But hope you didn't get into a fight with him dear" grandma said smiling

"Not at all ma" i answered

" You want my advice sis , whenever he troubles you cut off his balls" Vicky said I was forced to laugh

" Language Vicky!" Grandma groaned.

"It's okay grandma I won't fight with him ,are you happy now!" I said

As she smiled ,I walked hastily to my room

A good shower is what I needed at the moment





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