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😏One Night With A Billionaire Boy 😏

         Episode 32

Rihanna POV 💗

The sun rays reflected through my window as I whinned like a child in my sleep

I stood up tiredly and yawn before dragging myself into my mini bathroom 

For a quick shower , today I will be going to that house for some answers


After bathing I was clad in a sea green floral gown with pearls lined at the edge

I walked hastily to the dinning when. I was done dressing ,the table had already been set by grandma

"Good morning grandma " I greeted and pecked her on the cheek

"Morning dear how was your night" she asked sweetly

"Good morning sis" Vicky said munching on his food.

"Morning Miss cranky ,do you have class today?" I said

She nodded as she sipped her drink.

I grabbed my breakfast and rushed out.

Grandma had already packed everything for me.

I walked straight to that house .

Soon I got to the front door, strange it was locked 

I checked the window too it was also locked.

I walked round the house to back and luckily it wasn't locked 

I got in quietly and examined the whole place it looked rusty like it has not been cleaned for a while.

I saw a giant photo frame just above ground

It was a painting of a lady she looked so much like Tanya and Also she looks familiar

I keep getting blurry images in my head but I can't seem to place it.

I went upstairs to the rooms it wasn't locked .
A door caught my attention,it was different from the rest of the doors have seen.

I twisted the door knob and it cracked open, it was dark in there so I had to bring out my cellphone and make use of the flashlight.

The place was more like a study room and mini office too.
With so many files on the table,so I was tempted to go through them which I did.

I took a particular file that was colored it looked different from others .

Immediately I opened it a picture fell from it.
I picked it up to take a look at it.

OMG OMG it's a picture of my mom and dad

But could it be doing in here.

I went through the documents again ,I saw a hospital report of a plastic surgery done two years ago.

Oh my days this report belongs to Tanya 
There is more to it than I thought

I saw another file that has " operation 2012" written boldly on it.
That was the year my parents died ,let me not assume things yet.

The first two pages were property transfer documents and a will too.

I was about going through it when I heard engine sounds.

Oh my goodness!!





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