Sunday, 23 February 2020


One night with a Billionaire Boy 

         Episode 55

Rihanna POV

OMG OMG it's my birthday and I totally forgot, I looked around the whole place ,
Grandma and Vicky was also present 

My neighbors too were also in the Martinez mansion the same place commoners are not allowed to enter.

There they stood happily grinning from ear to ear
My eyes fell on Jeff , he knelt down with one leg and stretch out a cake with am sorry boldly writen on top .

"Am sorry Anna "he  whispered audibly

I nodded and took the cake from him.I gave it to Scarlett before hugging him

"Thank you thank you so much am happy" I said still hugging him
He returned the hug too 
I could feel him smile

"Happy birthday sweetie" Scarlett said from behind

"Thanks dear", and broke the hug before running to Grandma 
I embraced her tightly like should vanish

I miss so much
"Easy dear you don't want to break my old bones do you?" Grandma grinned

"No ma I just missed you so much , come over her Vicky before I smash something on your head" I said with a shrugg

She came outta her hiding place and hugged me too 

" Missed  you sis" she squeak

"Oh really?? And you didn't bother to check up on me Missy " I said with a raised eyebrow

" It's not what you think miss cranky I will so busy with school stuff and guess what! " She chuckled but I ruined the so called suprise

" You got a scholarship to Cambridge , yes! I know" I said with a smirk 
Her eyes widened in suprise

" So you knew about it all this while and you just ruined my perfect suprise" she pouts 

"Whatever Vicky am not in the mode for your crazy drama" I said nonchalantly

" Attention please!!! " I heard Jeff said as we all turned to his direction

"Am sure you all know who's birthday it is today right? " He said all smiles as the guests murmured a yes

"Okay good now it's time to present gifts to the celebrant but before that I have something to say to Rihanna Adams" he concluded I could swear I was blushing hard. 

"SMILE ….. It irritates those who wish to destroy you.The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. Thanks for helping me always.
The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. Thanks for helping me always. Happy Birthday Rihanna" he said 

While everyone applaud him 
I buried my face in my palm as I blushed so hard.

"Hmmm looks like someone is blushing" grandma and Vicky teased

"What ! No am not have got something in my eye" I said and ran away from them.

I went to meet Mrs Martinez who is now my new mom 

"Thank you so much ma'am will be forever grateful to you and your family members" I said and kissed her palm

" Common dear I thought we have talked about this stop thanking me unless you want me to get mad at you" she said and patted my hair 

I smiled and stood up,.. soon the guests started surprising me with so many gifts my room was filled up with gifts .

Scarlett and her mom wasn't left out too.

Lastly Jeff gifted a small pretty box to me ,he specifically asked me not to open it infront of anyone.
So I went upstairs and locked myself up in my room before opening it eagerly

I gasps when I saw the beautifully crafted  wrist band.
He was glowing too I know this is going to cost a fortune if am not mistaken

I can't believe Jeff is doing everything to make me forgive him
But what he doesn't know is that have fallen for him already.



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