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One Night With A Billionaire Boy 

         Episode 35

Rihanna POV

I woke feeling pains all over ,I saw a doctor attending to my wound
This my opportunity to expose Tanya

I just need to do this for the sake of Mrs Martinez 

She has gone through alot to let a bitch take all her sweat away from her.

The doctor wanted to alert everyone that I was awake but I shut him.

I planned with him to tell them I had my memory which agreed to after I explained everything to him.

I need to be in this house to execute my plans 

The doctor did a great job in lying to them.

I closed my eyes like someone sleeping when I heard the glass door cracked opened

I opened my eyes fully it time to display

"Are you okay dear?" Mrs Martinez asked with so much love in her eyes

"Dear?? Who are you people !! Where am I " I asked like a scared child.

"Calm down dear you are in your house am your mom and this is your sister ,you an accident earlier that's why you don't remember us"she said with teary eyes

I also shedd tears as I watched her treat me with love

"Yes Anna we are your family don't be scared * Scarlett chip in she looked like someone who had been crying for hours

"Anna ?? Who is Anna " I asked innocently

"That's your name dear Rihanna is your name . don't worry sister we are here for you" she replied

"Are you sure ??" I pouts

"Yes my princess now you need to relax am gonna send a maid to bring skimmed milk for you okay ??" Mrs Martinez said with a smile

"Okay mom " I murmured and used the duvet to cover up myself

They left afterwards
I smiled to myself for being able to fool them.

It's gonna be over soon I just need to fish Tanya out.

Scarlett POV 

"Mom what do you think we should do ? We can't let her go home in this condition she vulnerable too" I said the moment me and Mom stepped out of Anna's room

"Yes dear am going to give the grandma a call and tell her Anna went on a trip with me that she won't be back for a while but we will be sending cash to them" mom said somehow I bought the idea

"Mom Jeff is not back yet I wonder where he had gone to" I said with a worried expression

", Maybe he feels bad for what he has,he is afraid to show his face here" mom said as I scorted to her room before going downstairs

Am somehow worried about Jeff,

Just immediately a call came in from Jeff number but he was not the speaking it was a random guy

He had asked me to come pick up Jeff for he was too drunk and becoming too violent in the pub.

I rushed to my car and drove straight to the location of the pub.



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