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😏One Night With A Billionaire Boy 😏

         Episode 33

Rihanna POV

I dropped the file immediately and sneaked out before they can open the front door.

I hid somewhere for sometime ,when I had noticed the coast was clear. I ran away fro there 

I must warn Jeff ,he is playing with fire ,Tanya is not who he thinks she is.

She is after his property .
Secondly. Am coming back to that house again I need to know why my parents photo was in those documents and what is operation 2020?

There is more to this misery than I thought.

I boarded a cab to the Martinez Villa.

Jeffery POV

After the heart warming sex with Tanya ,I took a suiting shower before coming outtA my room dressed in casuals

I noticed something while I was having sex with Tanya her p***y wasn't tight anymore 
Or well what do I know

She left after the sex scenerio telling me she is gonna come over in the evening to finish what we started

I wasn't even close to Mom's room when I bumped into that Rihanna girl

"Good morning " she greeted catching her breath like someone that ran an 100meter race

"Morning" I simply replied and wanted to walk away when she pulled me back

"Wait please I really need to talk to you" she said as her breathing steady

"Tell me am listening" I said casually

"It's about Tanya, she is who you think she is .I found out today that she is only after your property swears am telling you the truth" she said with confidence

Which got me angry

"Have you lost it!!! How dare you speak Ill of my girlfriend" I growled and dragged her towards the stairs

I pulled to the pool side and throw her in.

She wasn't expecting that as the gasps for air 

I entered the water and held her neck very tight

"Don't you ever in your miserable life say such lies about my girlfriend or else you are a dead meat" I growled at her

She was finding it hard to breathe as I didn't let go of her neck

" hurting me" she whispered

I let go of her neck and pushed her back into the water

"What's going on here Jeff" I heard mom's voice from behind but I swear she is not going to stop me today

Have heard enough of her games ,I was right all along she is just after my mom's money now she wants to use Tanya as bait

"Exactly what you saw mom an tired of seeing this girl in my house, I won't have her insult my girlfriend I have took it upon myself to throw her outtA my house today and nobody I repeat nobody can stop me" I yelled and took Rihanna by the arm and dragged her outta the pool

"Stop this madness Jeff and leave the poor girl alone " mom said but I didn't answer her

I pulled her to the entrance not minding if she is wet.

I pushed her out but she slipped and fell

"Oh my God Jeff what have you done" a Scarlett cried rushing to her aid
She was bleeding from the head and was not moving too

What have I done??


  1. OMG what have you done Jeff

    She is telling truth for goodness sake 😭😭

  2. Omg u this jeff i pray it is nt too late before u know the truth



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