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😏One Night With A Billionaire Boy 😏

         Episode 31

 Jeffery POV

I don't know why but what Rihanna said to me really got to me.

I feel awful somehow, am I truly a bad person,??

Maybe she is not I think she is ""
Damn am so confused all I need right now is a good morning sex 

Tanya had Promise to be here very soon ,oh I just can't wait to get down to business.

It's been days since I got laid 

 My door cracked open revealing Tanya

"Hey babe" she said and walked towards me

"Morning my love" I said as she pecked my cheek and wanted to walk away but I pulled her to me.

"Don't move Tanya it's gonna be me and you this morning ,we gonna have sex non stop , infact ain't going to work today "said like a hungry lion

"Aww 😍 baby are you sure?" She asks

"100% I wanna feel those warm lips around my cock " I said huskily

"Okay baby but you have to do something for me first !" She pouts like a child

"Which is!?

"Baby boo I want you to transfer 400,000,000 us dollars to my account I want to start up my new spa business" she said

Ouch that's a lot of money tho

"That's a lot dear but don't worry you will receive the money in two days time, can we get to business now" I said impatiently

"Yay! Of course baby you can have me all you want even if you want it on the ceiling fan and ready" she said as I crashed my lips on hers.

She encircled her arms around my neck my I grabbed hold of her butt through the bumshot she was wearing.


Soon I was thrusting in and outta her tight p****y hole as we moan out in ecstacy 

I turned her over and made her stand on her fours today am gonna taste her asshole.

"No Jeff not the ass" she murmured 

But I was too hyped to even listen as I forced my 12inch d**k into her a**s 

She moan more like a scream 
Practically I was the one that disvirgined her a**s

I spanked her big butt repeatedly as I banged her with so much energy 

I sweet moans makes me wanna f"**k her all day long.

We ended up having 12 rounds after that I became weary and extremely tired .

Food was brought to my room by one the maid ,

I was Stark naked when she entered,her face when flushed when she saw my little man, she was trying so hard to hide the look of embarrassment from her face but I saw it already.
She can look all she wants .

I can even f**k her if she wants 😝

But I don't care, atleast I gave her something to masturbate on 🤣😂



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