Monday, 10 February 2020


One night with a Billionaire Boy 

         Episode 29

Rihanna POV

Two weeks with the Martinez is something else .

Mrs Martinez had asked me to come over to her room she said she has something to show me.

I got to her room glass door and click on the door bell ,

I heard a come in ,I walked in quietly and examined her room

It was more like a big building on its own with a queen size bed  there she sat on her luxurious chair watching TV

"Good afternoon ma'am" I greeted 

"Ohh afternoon dear come have a seat with me" she said patting the space beside her 

I shrugged my shoulder before seating beside her

"You asked to see me Madame" I said professionally

"Yes Anna I wanted to talk to you about something" she said with seriousness

"Okay ma'am am all ears " I said waiting to hear what she has to say.

"I know you must be wondering why Jeff is always acting cranky and rude too '" she said and breath out .
I just nodded in agreement

"Years ago when Martinez Jeff's father was still alive ,when we first got married ,we loved ourselves so much that people in the neighborhood always envied our love ,.all of this was going on till I got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy

"Together we named him Jasmine Jeffery Martinez, he was the most adorable little thing on Earth,till became four years old, one day Martinez came home drunk he had lost his job and passed all the aggression me right in front of Jeff" she said with so much sadness

I listened with kin interest

"This kept going on for years all this while Jeff was watching us even when I had gotten pregnant for him again he still didn't stop ,one day my husband came back home with the girl just across the street ,  he said he doesn't love me anymore that me and my babies have been nothing but bad luck.that didn't stop me from loving him even tho we had nothing"

" Jeff started hustling from his young age ,he had vow not to have anything to do with a commoner ,he termed them gold digger just like the girl that took my husband away from me, he died two years ago without getting forgiveness from Jeff and Scarlett 

", Jeff went through hell to become the famous billionaire he is today ..I hope this piece of info will change your mindset about Jeff,trust me is a good person he is just clouded in hurts from the past " she said as she used a tissue to wipe her tears.

By the time she was finished I was already crying silently

"Am so sorry ma'am I never knew" I said as she engaged me In a motherly hug 

I felt at ease



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