Saturday, 1 February 2020

"One Night With A Billionaire Boy" Episode 12

😏One night with a Billionaire boy 😏

         Episode 12

Scarlett POV

Woow so I finally met Rihanna Adams in person the only person that had the guts to stood up  to Jeffery

"Am sorry but do I know you?" She asked

"No you don't but I know you,ain't you the same girl that stood up to my brother" i said with a grin 

She looked confused for a while before she finally recollect everything

"Oh so that jerk is your brother ,no wonder you guys look so much alike" she said with a scoff

"I must say you one strong lady ", I said

"Hmm have you also come to add your own punishment to my mystery " she said with an eye roll

"Oh no am not heartless like Jeffery am sorry you had to go through all that," I said sincerely

"Oh great", she said sadly trying to fight back her tears

" Trust me I understand how you feel,you know what let's seat down somewhere I need to talk to you about something that's if you don't mind" I said and pointed towards a couple bench not far from us 

She nodded and together we walked to it and sat down

" I know you must be wondering why all the company refused to accept you right" i said

She looked at me with surprise

"How did you know that!" She asked

"Thats because Jeffery is the master mind behind it but not to worry have got a job for you and salary is gonna be three times bigger than your previous job" i said

This is my chance to help her and also bring her close to Jeffery

Rihanna POV

I can't believe that jerk has a nice sister

Even after all her brother had done she still wants to offer me a job

"And what kind of job is it" I asked

"Well you gonna be working at house as my mom personal assistant,my mom doesn't go out she works from home " she said

"Is Mr arrogant also staying in the house?" I asked to be sure of what am doing

"Yes we live together with my mum" she replied with a smile






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