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(Gu Jingze is Extraordinary)

The woman on the bed exclaimed, “What do you mean by that?!”

“It’s literally what I meant!”

“You… ”

Lin Che said, “The Yu family’s problems are now my problems. I have money here. I’m giving you what Yu Minmin’s father owes you but for others, especially if it doesn’t belong to the Yu family, you can forget about getting a single cent.”

Nana, who was lying on the bed, was naturally unwilling. The difference between five million and two hundred thousand was not small.

She immediately sat up and said, “Don’t think about it. Five million and not a single cent less. Otherwise, I will put him in jail!”

Lin Che smiled, “You must have gone crazy thinking about money.”

At that moment, Gu Jingze looked at them from behind, “We are giving you this money so that you guys can shut up. If a simple method like this can’t make you shut up, I have other ways to make you never speak again. Thus, you can either take the easy way or make the situation more complicated than this.”

The pair looked at each other and then looked at Gu Jingze. Their expressions changed.

Nana wanted to get up and say something, but Lu Qinghong stopped her.

With one look, he was able to tell that Gu Jingze was no ordinary person.

From his custom-made clothes to his naturally flawless face, his aura seemed to suppress everyone in the room.

His eyes turned and he realized that this man was definitely not a normal person. He probably would not be able to win against this man. Otherwise, he would not have come in alone in such a calm manner.

The rest of the Lu family were on their way. They were aggressive too, but he probably would not be fazed by them either.

Lu Qinghong immediately said, “That can be discussed, but may I know who this gentleman is?”

Gu Jingze’s eyes swept over him indifferently, “If you don’t even know who I am, it’s obvious that you’re not qualified to stand here and talk to me.”

“You…” Lu Qinghong’s face darkened.

Lu Qinghong wanted to scold him so badly but he only looked helplessly at Gu Jingze, unable to say a word.

“Do you not want to tell me or is there just nothing much to say about you?” Lu Qinghong said with a smile.

Gu Jingze replied, “These kinds of words are useless to me. I was planning to tell you that you may not be qualified to stand in front of me, but since you’re involved in my woman’s problems, I have to take care of this.”

As he talked, he threw an elegant business card in front of him.

It landed perfectly on the table.

Shocked, he bent down to look and his face immediately turned black.

How did the Yu family get involved with a big shot like that?

His face turned pale, but he still did not want to be defeated.

He taunted, “Five million should be nothing to Mr. Gu. Why? Can’t you afford it?”

Gu Jingze scoffed, “I earn every single dollar that I make. I don’t wish to waste them on trash.”

“You…” he yelled, “Gu Jingze, don’t be arrogant! Some of that must be dirty money, right?!”

Gu Jingze replied, “As long as this little bit of dirty money can suppress you, it’s enough.”

Lu Qinghong’s eyes moved. In front of the Gu household, it was like throwing eggs at a stone. However, if he retreated now, they would be at a loss.

Lin Che, who was observing at the side, added, “We will only give you two hundred thousand. Take it or leave it.”

“That’s not happening. Hey, who do you take us for, beggars?”

Lin Che said, “With your behavior, you’re not even beggars.”

Nana got up on the bed and yelled, “You b****. What did you say? I dare you to say it again!”

Lu Qinghong was shocked and quickly covered Nana’s mouth.

Nana was unsatisfied as she glared angrily at Lu Qinghong.

Still holding onto Nana, Lu Qinghong said, “She’s not very understanding but this matter was also partly the Yu family’s fault.”

Gu Jingze said, “If anything under the sky can be priced, then asking for ten million for that word ***** won’t even be enough.”

“What? What right do you have?!” Nana raised her voice.

Lu Qinghong’s face got even paler. He hastily agreed, “I… Fine, I want two hundred thousand.”

As he said that, he took the check on the table.

Lin Che looked at him and then said, “But I still must warn you. The two hundred thousand is to pay off the Yu family’s debt. You are not to step one foot near the Yu family. If you see them near your gambling dens, you must chase them away!”

“What? So complicated,” Lu Qinghong thought that there would still be more opportunities to go after the Yu family.

Their daughter looked like a water sprite. If she were to become a prostitute, she would definitely do well.

He observed them for a long time before planning to take action on the Yu family. He did not expect…

Gu Jingze said from the side, “If you don’t want to chase him away, I will send my men there to do it. But I think it might affect your business greatly.”

“You… ”

For the Gu household to do the chasing, that would be too much.

Lu Qinghong was not happy, but he could only say to Gu Jingze, “Rest assured, Mr. Gu. The Yu family will never enter the Lu family’s gambling dens in the future. You have my word.”

“I will wait and see then,” he replied, turning back and pulling Lin Che along.

Lin Che looked back at the woman on the bed and then followed Gu Jingze out of the ward.

Watching the two of them leave, the woman on the bed pushed Lu Qinghong away angrily.

“You useless thing! I got hit and you’re brushing it off with two hundred thousand? I can’t accept it!”

Lu Qinghong slapped the woman, which stunned her as it was so unexpected.

“Did you know that I just saved your life?!”

“What?” the woman looked at him pitifully.

Lu Qinghong snorted, “You would offend just about anybody. That was Gu Jingze. Do you dare to mess with the Gu family too?”

“Gu… Gu Jingze?” the woman was shocked as she held her cheek.

Lu Qinghong muttered, “I don’t wish to do this either, but I can’t sacrifice our lives just for pride, right? Couldn’t you see that I was angry too? However, I definitely cannot handle him. We can only blame the Yu family for having this intention at this time. For them to actually be close to the Gu family, we have no choice but to stay away from them in the future.”

The woman listened and thought that this man was undoubtedly capable. Her heart grew jealous, yet had a sense of longing.

It was too bad that a normal person would never be able to reach that high. With her standards, it was already good enough to snag Lu Qinghong. She would not dare to hope for a top-class family like the Gu family.

After Lin Che settled the matter, she soon looked up Yu Minmin at her hotel.

She had been staying in hotels for several days now. She switched hotels every day to prevent her father from finding her.

Perhaps she was really used to it as she appeared just fine. It only looked like she lost a bit of weight.

Lin Che said, “The problem is settled. Sister Yu, you don’t need to worry too much now.”

Yu Minmin looked at Lin Che, “It’s… Gu Jingze helped, right?”

She knew that Lin Che would never be able to pull this off on her own. The Lu family was not a pushover. They definitely would not give up with just a few words.

Lin Che nodded, “Yes, Gu Jingze suppressed them. I just tagged along.”

Yu Minmin looked at her gratefully, “Thank you… but… did you use money?”

She did not believe those people would be honest and not want money.

Lin Che replied, “It was not much. They took two hundred thousand as hush money. They won’t let your father into their gambling dens in the future.”

Yu Minmin’s face sank and then she looked up at Lin Che, “I’ll return you the money slowly with my salary. Thank you.”





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