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(You Promised to Cook For Me)

In the car, Lin Che looked at Yu Minmin stare out the window. She pondered a while before saying, “Your father can’t go on like this.”

Yu Minmin laughed bitterly, “Nothing can be done about it. Gambling has already become his life. I’ve heard him say that he would quit for almost my entire life, yet he’s still causing trouble every day. It’s okay; I’m already used to it.”

Lin Che had always been Yu Minmin’s artist, but she was only a small one back then. It was different now. It was as if Yu Minmin was now her personal manager, so they were together every day. As a result, she came to know of Yu Minmin’s family background.

Lin Che patted Yu Minmin’s shoulder, “There must be a way.”

Yu Minmin looked at Lin Che and shook her head, “Unless I take my mother and brother away from here, I don’t think there’s any other way to shake off this parasite.”

Lin Che comforted her, “Okay, we’ll think of something when we get home. Don’t worry; we’ll find a way.”

Soon, they arrived at the Gu residence.

Yu Minmin had never seen the Gu residence. From the outside, she saw some strict-looking guards and thought that it was a bad idea. She turned to Lin Che and asked, “Can I go in? The Gu family probably doesn’t let outsiders in, right?”

Lin Che replied, “I don’t think so… It should be fine, but I never brought in anyone before.”

At the entrance, the security guard looked at Yu Minmin and then politely greeted Lin Che, “Madam.” After that, he let them in.

Yu Minmin sat still. She noticed their respectful greeting.

However, she turned to Lin Che but did not ask anything.

She was the manager but she usually didn’t probe where there was no need to probe about personal matters of the artist. She only did that when it affected their job. That was a manager’s work ethic.

When they entered, Yu Minmin then saw the enormous house and the subtly elegant decor.

Standing in the living room, she could not help but say to Lin Che, “Your house is like a palace.”

Lin Che replied, “Yes. When I first got here, I always got lost because there were too many turns. It looks complicated but after walking a bit, you’ll get used to it.”

Yu Minmin remarked, “I can’t believe this is Gu Jingze’s place.”

“Why?” Lin Che looked at her.

Yu Minmin smiled and said, “A commoner wouldn’t be able to come in but I get to bask in your light.”

Lin Che smiled, “Is that so? To think there’d be a day when someone gets to bask in my light.”

“Of course.”

Just then, Yu Minmin’s phone rang. She bent her head to answer the call. It was from her mother.

Her mother was crying on the other end, “Please just help your father, Minmin. Only you can help in this family, nobody else is capable enough. See if you know anybody who can talk to them. You only have one father. If anything happens to him, won’t you regret it?”

Yu Minmin’s fingernails dug into her palm as if the pain would make her feel better.

“Fine, I’ll think of something…” Yu Minmin could only plainly say to her sobbing mother.

When she hung up, she closed her eyes and tilted her head up. She looked at the Gu residence’s sprawling ceiling and sighed.

Lin Che said, “Sister Yu, who are they? Let’s think of something. There must be a way.”

Yu Minmin replied, “It’s the Lu family who runs a moneylending business and underground gambling dens in the B market. My father has been dealing with them for many years. To put it bluntly, they are not good people. I’ll go talk to them and then we’ll see what we can do.”

“What are you going to do tonight?”

“I’ll get a hotel room so my father can’t find me for the time being. Don’t worry. I’ve lived like this for many years, so I know what to do. Protecting myself is my strong suit.”


Yu Minmin booked a hotel room through her phone. Lin Che arranged for a car to send her there.

Later, her phone rang. She saw Gu Jingze’s name appear. She smiled and picked it up.

“When are you going to fulfill your promise and cook me a meal?”

Lin Che thought he was joking when he said that but now that he brought it up, she reluctantly answered, “Fine… I’m waiting for you to come back so we can go buy ingredients.”

“Okay, wait for me then. I’m reaching soon.”

When Gu Jingze heard that she was going to buy ingredients to cook for him, he could not wait and hurried home.

He arrived quickly and pulled Lin Che out, “Let’s go to the market.”

“You’re coming along?”

“Of course.”

“But…” Lin Che remembered Mo Huiling’s warning the other day, “Isn’t it dangerous for you to go out?”

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che strangely, “Why do you say that?”

Lin Che said, “It’s just that the other day, Mo Huiling told me that it’s dangerous for you to go out on your own.”

Mo Huiling?

A look of unhappiness flashed across his face. He said to Lin Che, “There’s danger wherever I go. Does that mean I have to be locked up in a cage, just to avoid the danger? Let’s go.”

As he said, his hand held onto Lin Che’s and he took her out.

Lin Che wanted to say something else but looking at him, she decided it was best not to. She looked down at his hand on hers and wanted to pull away, but she did not. His grip seemed to tighten. She saw that the maids were still looking, so she did not want to struggle too much.

There were not many people at the market. Lin Che thought, It was strange as it was usually crowded. It was like a street with limits as the crowd was small and orderly.

Lin Che pushed the shopping cart and looked at Gu Jingze write down a recipe. She remarked depressingly, “So demanding. That recipe looks complicated.”

Gu Jingze asked, “This is complicated? It’s just chopping up and stir-frying a few ingredients.”

He specially chose a less costly recipe.

Lin Che pushed the cart and walked around to look at the vegetables. A huge supermarket really made one feel blissful. Lin Che was full of smiles and seemed very relaxed.

“I want one of this.”

“And one of this.”

“Ah, the radish looks fresh.”

The more she added things into the cart, the messier it got.

She had completely ignored the recipe’s ingredients list.

Gu Jingze only shook his head helplessly.

Just then, a passerby knocked the back of her heel with the shopping cart’s wheel.

Lin Che yelped.

She looked up to see a man look at her before turning away silently.

Lin Che thought unhappily, What an immoral guy.

However, Gu Jingze grabbed hold the arm of the man who just turned away.

Holding the man’s arm, Gu Jingze pressed him against a shelf. The man was shocked and wanted to swear at him, but looking at Gu Jingze’s deep eyes, he felt guilty and shut his mouth.

“Apologize to my wife,” he said.

The man looked at Lin Che. Although he was unwilling, he feared Gu Jingze and said humbly, “Sorry. I didn’t notice.”

Lin Che rubbed her heel, “It’s okay. Just be careful next time.”

Gu Jingze grunted and then let the man go.

The man slipped away quickly. Lin Che was about to get up from the ground but Gu Jingze squatted down beside her and scooped her up in his arms.

The passersby looked at them in envy. This strong and tall man would make anyone become infatuated with him.

Gu Jingze carried her and put her in the shopping cart, “Let me see if your leg is okay.”

Lin Che shook her head. She smiled as she looked at Gu Jingze, “I’m okay. The impact from a cart is not that great. It’s just that the man’s attitude was infuriating.”



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