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(The Whole Company Was Happy)

Panda TV Festival was one of the country’s most prestigious awards ceremonies. It was difficult to get nominated for an award.

A few hundred million people watched it every year. It was naturally different.

Yu Minmin was also very happy. She quickly brought Lin Che to the company and started selecting her formal attire.

Yu Minmin especially went to search for some reliable sponsors. The products were all of good quality.

Out of all the actresses who Yu Minmin managed, Lin Che was now her most capable actress, so she was pouring all her energy into making Lin Che shine.

In the company, Yu Minmin had fought for a private room for Lin Che. In the private room, Yu Minmin handed the Festival’s invitation to Lin Che.

“This was just sent over today. Those in the upper levels are also very happy for you. However, some of the other nominees this year also have potential. There’s one that obviously slept their way up, so don’t mind that person.”

The list included all the nominees. Lin Che saw Lin Li’s name up for the fashionista award. It looked like she would have to see her there.

Lin Che spoke excitedly, “I honestly never thought that I would get in. I only acted one role and it was a supporting role.”

“Gu Jingyu’s television series is popular every year, so you were part of a popular show. That’s one reason to be nominated. Secondly, your role was very likeable. Third, your acting was very good.”

Lin Che looked at Yu Minmin speechlessly, “Sister Yu, can’t you praise me in a better way? You just had to put that right at the end.”

As they met everyday, Lin Che’s relationship with Yu Minmin improved a lot and their conversations were not so restrained anymore.

Yu Minmin said, “I’m telling the truth. What you have today is also partly contributed by luck, so you better not get too arrogant, you hear me?”

“Got it…”

“But your efforts did accumulate and pay off. You deserve to be nominated. I believe the other worthy nominees didn’t act as well as you. I think you might have a good chance at winning.”

Lin Che smiled shyly and covered her cheeks as she said embarrassingly, “That’s impossible!”

Yu Minmin replied, “I mean it. Do you think you’re still a small actress? You are now a new star. The company is preparing to focus on grooming you.”

“Ah… I still can’t get used to it. This is the first time I got so successful.”

“Me too, actually. You’re the first actress under me to be this successful,” Yu Minmin said.

Lin Che looked at Yu Minmin in disbelief, “Sister Yu had so many famous artists last time.”

Yu Minmin said, “That is because I worked here for a long time. I started working here as an assistant at the moment I graduated. From an assistant, I moved to be a personal assistant, then to a public manager, and then to a personal manager. I’ve been here for eight years. It’s a pity that it takes luck to meet an artist with great potential. I played a safe game and never thought of poaching artists from other managers. As a result, all my artists were either pure newcomers or angry old artists.” She patted Lin Che on the shoulder, “So, it’s a first for both of us. Let’s work hard together.”

“Yes! Let’s work hard together!” Lin Che suddenly realized that she previously thought that managers were all high and mighty as they always called the shots and decided the fates of small artists. However, now she realized that these managers actually did not have such an easy job.

When the two of them stepped out, the small artists outside saw Lin Che and bowed their heads and greeted her, “Hello, Sister Lin Che.” They waited for Lin Che to walk past before lifting their heads back up.

Lin Che knew that in the circle, hierarchy and results were most important. In the past, she would also hide at the side whenever a popular star walked past before continuing her way.

Now, she was the one getting this special treatment. It honestly felt a little strange.

Lin Che remarked, “Honestly, I only acted in one role. They don’t have to treat me like this.”

Yu Minmin smiled and replied, “But you’ve already gone up the ranks. Also, you’ve been on a few headlines and you’re a highly raved actress this year. Everybody in the company knows you.”

Lin Che never thought that she would become so well-known so quickly.

Just then, as they got to the door…

An old man suddenly rushed over in front of them. Lin Che almost jumped in fear.

However, the old man did not really bother Lin Che. Rather, he faced Yu Minmin and kneeled down.

Lin Che covered her mouth in shock. She looked at Yu Minmin who was calm, but also suddenly a little dazed. The old man hugged Yu Minmin’s legs and exclaimed, “Minmin, you have to help me. I’m really going to die this time. If you don’t help me, I’m really going to leave our house and become homeless.”

This ragged, dirty-looking old man turned out to be Yu Minmin’s father?

Lin Che was also stunned.

Yu Minmin bit her lips as she looked at her father. She pushed him away and said curtly, “I told you that this was the last time I was going to help you. What did you do now? Did you lose money again? Dad, I have no money anymore. Not a single cent. This is my workplace; please stay away or I might lose my job. Who will you go to for money then?”

While he was still on the ground, the old man looked up, “Minmin, I didn’t lose money this time. It was because of those bastards; they said that I didn’t give them enough money. They said that I was 30,000 yuan short and that if I don’t give it to them, they were going to take your mother away to be a cook. I got scared, so… so…”

Yu Minmin frowned, “So what?”

“So I kidnapped the young master’s woman from the Lu family and threatened them. Who knew that I would accidentally hit her head and she would have to go to the hospital? Now, they want to sue me. I’m really done for this time…”

“What?!” Yu Minmin changed her frown to a smile. She looked at her own father in amusement, “You’re really something. Now, besides gambling, you also beat other people up?”


“Let go of me. I don’t care about this. You might as well go to prison or you’ll continue dragging my mother and us down,” Yu Minmin pushed her father away from her legs.

The old man fell on the ground. People were looking at them with curiosity. The old man saw and suddenly flailed angrily on the ground. He pointed his finger at Yu Minmin and scolded her, “What kind of person are you? I’m your father; how can you treat me like this? I raised you and fed you. Now that you’re so capable, you don’t want us anymore, is that it? I’m a burden to you? Fine, don’t care about me. Since you don’t care about me, I’m staying put right at your company’s entrance!”

Yu Minmin was speechless. Staring at him coldly, she waved to the security guards, “There’s a man loitering here and hindering our work. Please take him out!”

The security guards quickly went over to take him out. The old man shouted tragically. Each time, his voice went higher and higher.

Lin Che could not look on and hurriedly took Yu Minmin away from there.

The onlookers talked amongst themselves, their eyes seemed to be judging Yu Minmin.

Father Yu was chased out but he was still wandering outside. Lin Che watched him and said to Yu Minmin, “Go back with me first. If you go back to your home now, your dad will definitely find you.”

Yu Minmin looked at Lin Che gratefully, “Okay. Thank you.”

Lin Che gestured for the chauffeur to drive back to the Gu residence.





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