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"My Beautiful Bride" Episode 89


Episode 89

(Helping You Teach These People a Lesson)

However, she could see tall and large bodyguards standing behind them, which made her feel intimidated. She still could not believe it. Looking indignantly at Lin Che, she exclaimed, “Lin Che, you little slut. Just because you got some money now, you’re setting me up. When Qin Qing finds out, he’ll definitely come after you!”

Little slut?

Gu Jingze gave a cold look at the bodyguard at his side. The bodyguard immediately reached out his hand and hit Chen Meili’s face with a loud slap.

Chen Meili’s cheek burned. The disbelief on her face became more obvious.

This guy dared to hit her?

She had never been hit in all her years!

“You… You dare to hit me? You better believe that our Qin family won’t let you off,” she lunged at him but was blocked by the huge bodyguard.

Gu Jingze’s face was expressionless. He said without a single drop of warmth in his voice, “Sorry, my bodyguard got too agitated. Perhaps, it’s because I mentioned that if anybody offends Miss Lin, their mouths should be ripped off. They don’t have a lot of manners as they only know how to follow my orders. Madam Qin, I’m truly sorry. I will go back and lecture them.”

Chen Meili’s whole body shook. Her face became even darker.

“You… How dare you insult me?! You think the Qin family can be provoked so easily? We won’t let you off!”

Gu Jingze smiled faintly, “Madam Qin, I’m sure that the Qin family are reasonable people, right? You damaged the car I bought for Lin Che and went all out to insult her but you say that I’m insulting you?”

“You… You’re framing me. I didn’t damage the car. I want to call the police. You’re tainting me!” Chen Meili’s expression changed.

Gu Jingze looked lazily at the side, “Just right. Are the police here yet? This madam wants to make a report.”

“Sir, the police have arrived.”

Just then, a group of men clad in police uniform briskly walked over from behind.

Chen Meili saw them and hurriedly said, “Police, they are framing me and stopping me from leaving! One of them even hit me; I need my injury assessed!”

The police looked at Chen Meili in a puzzled manner.

Chen Meili added, “I’m the madam of the Qin family. I want to see your chief. He must know my husband. My husband is the Qin family’s Chairman, Qin Maosheng.”

However, the police only looked at Chen Meili and quickly went to Gu Jingze’s side, “Mr. Gu, sorry for the inconvenience. What happened here?”

Gu Jingze glanced towards Chen Meili, “I don’t know what happened but when I got here, this woman was acting all crazy. She said that she’s from the Qin family, that nobody dares to hit her, and she even scratched my new car just now.”

The police took one look at Chen Meili and said, “Madam Qin, you are in the wrong here. We have to follow the law. You damaged someone’s property, so we need to take you back with us for further investigation. Please come with us.”

“You… You…” Chen Meili saw that the police wanted to take her away and she panicked. She glared at Gu Jingze, “I don’t believe you can turn the world upside down. So what if you’re Gu Jingze? You guys, you guys let go of me! If you guys touch me, I won’t let you off.”

Gu Jingze smiled coldly, “Ah, but I can turn the world upside down right here. If you don’t believe me, Madam Qin, you can test it out yourself.”

Chen Meili stared at his nonchalant behavior, defeated by his words. It was still so hard to believe.

Did he really have the whole world in his hand?

These people did not care about the Qin family’s status and were still taking her away.

At the side, Lin Li dared to not say a word as she stared at the arrogant Gu Jingze until her eyes almost popped out. She was busy pulling Chen Meili, looking up pitifully, popping out her chest, and purposely revealing a part of her shoulders. Fortunately, she had put on her best makeup today. She looked at the tall and mighty Gu Jingze with a hint of greed. She could not control the admiration on her face. She never thought that she would cross paths with a top caliber person like that. The Qin family was already considered an untouchable B-lister. Anyone would already be envious and in awe. However, compared to the Gu family, the Qin family was nothing. After all, the Gu family was the cream of the crop. A layperson would never be able to get to there. One could only dream of it.

But today, a man like him was right in front of her. He was even so good-looking. How could anyone not fall for him?

She fluttered her eyelids and made her voice extra seductive, “Mr. Gu, I hope you will let Aunty go on my behalf. She was just careless and she didn’t mean to do it.”

Chen Meili thought that Lin Li was so nice, willing to offend Gu Jingze on her behalf. She looked at Lin Li gratefully.

Gu Jingze did not bother to look at Lin Li for even one second. She was deliberately putting on her charm but he dismissed it and scornfully asked, “Who are you?”

Lin Li was taken aback.

“I… I’m Lin Che’s sister. We met once before. I’m also a celebrity like Lin Che,” Lin Li took a step forward.

But the bodyguard stepped in front of her and blocked her from getting closer.

Gu Jingze snorted and looked at Lin Li, “Sorry, I don’t know celebrities. Lin Che has no sister. I’ve never heard of her.” As he said that, he naturally grabbed Lin Che’s waist and made them appear intimate.

Following that, he turned to the police, “I’ll let you guys handle the rest of these people.”

From behind, the shop’s staff hastily asked Gu Jingze, “Mr. Gu, what about this car? Shall I help you cover the scratch?”

Gu Jingze replied, “How can I still give this damaged thing to my woman? Especially when it was touched by someone else. I don’t want Lin Che to feel dirty in this car. Scrap it and help me order another car that’s exactly like this. Deliver it straight to my place.”

Everyone there listened in surprise and gazed at Gu Jingze who nonchalantly walked off with Lin Che without turning back. Everyone except those taking care of Chen Meili soon cleared the area too. The staff looked on with great admiration.

It really was not an exaggeration; Gu Jingze was amazing. He was too handsome and too charming.

That Lin Che was way too lucky to be able to be by his side.

Lin Li gritted her teeth and stared hatefully at Lin Che’s back. She wanted to rip Lin Che into pieces.

When she looked at Gu Jingze, she was in a daze. Her eyes were glossed over in confusion and chaos. It was her first time seeing such a charming man, especially one so powerful. He was definitely the country’s unrivaled wealthiest.

Chen Meili was mad. She was still in shock even when she was being taken away. She let herself be played by that little brat, Lin Che.

The worst part was that Lin Che had Gu Jingze at her side. She had no way of taking Lin Che down.





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