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"My Beautiful Bride" Episode 87


Episode 87

(The So-called Enemies on a Narrow Road)

Gu Jingze thought for a while before saying, “One that is not too expensive since it’s for a girl.”

Lin Che quickly added, “Right, right. Not too expensive or other people will get jealous.”

Gu Jingze browsed through the catalog and said, “This will be good. Get a yellow one so it’ll be bright and you won’t get lost on the road.” Gu Jingze looked at her mockingly.

Lin Che’s face darkened, “I’m not a pig. I won’t get lost on the road.”

As she said that, she looked down at the catalog and saw that Gu Jingze was referring to a Porsche 911. She was shocked.

She thought when he meant something not too expensive, he would be talking about a car worth about 200,000 yuan. She did not expect his definition of ‘not too expensive’ to be…

“Gu Jingze, isn’t this too expensive?” Lin Che asked.

Gu Jingze replied, “Why would this be too expensive?”

Lin Che said, “This is a few million. Is that not expensive?”

Gu Jingze said, “If that was true, then hiring a chauffeur for you would be actually even more expensive.”


Gu Jingze continued, “Chauffeurs for the Gu family have an annual income of three million yuan.”


Lin Che initially thought that they were living hard lives and that he was always just so responsible and treated her well. Now she knew… they were rich people too.

Gu Jingze had already gestured for the staff to order the car.

The shop owner gleefully proceeded to make the order.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che and said, “You wait here for a while. I’m going to pick up the car and check it for you.”

Lin Che said, “I’ll go too.”

Gu Jingze turned around and lightly touched her nose, “Be good and wait here. The car needs to be test-driven. If it’s not safe, it’s best that you not be there.”

Lin Che could not help but feel embarrassed when he touched her nose.

She looked on as Gu Jingze left before she turned back.

With nothing else to do, she walked around the shop. This was a chain store for luxury cars. Besides selling cars, there was a supermarket selling car parts at the side. Catered to wealthy customers, the shop was styled to look like a posh café at a hotel lobby. There were cushioned seats everywhere and coffee tables with beautiful decor on top of them.

Lin Che noticed that some snacks were placed on the table and she quickly took some. She might as well eat them.

The staff was courteous to Lin Che, knowing that she came with Gu Jingze. Three or four of them were shadowing her, ready if she ended up needing them. They were also looking enviously at her.

Although Lin Che was already a star, she acted in only one television series and it was in ancient settings. Those old costumes might have made it difficult to recognize her, so the staff did not know who she was exactly.

Just as Lin Che was grabbing snacks, she heard a familiar, classy voice ringing from behind. She immediately turned to look.

“Lin Li, to make you come here with me. This Qin Qing, I have no idea what he’s so busy with. I wanted to buy a car and it’s unfortunate that you had to accompany me instead,” Chen Meili, a classy looking madam of the Qin family, was being held by Lin Li as they entered the place.

Beside them were several other attentive staff.

Everybody recognized Lin Li and knew that Chen Meili was a madam of the Qin family. They tended to both of them with great care and respect.

Lin Che did not expect to meet Lin Li and Chen Meili here.

The mother and daughter-in-law were here to buy a car too…

Like enemies on a narrow road.

Just then, Chen Meili raised her head and saw Lin Che standing there.

“Eh? Isn’t that Lin Che? I’m not seeing things, right? Is that her?”

Lin Li also looked up and saw Lin Che. She was surprised.

Chen Meili knew Lin Che since she was young as Lin Che and Qin Qing went to the same school. Lin Che would always come over and play with Qin Qing, but Chen Meili always disliked Lin Che and wished that she would not keep playing with him.

Chen Meili walked over. Some people still did not recognize Lin Che.

Looking from afar, it looked like her. As she got closer, it looked like something had changed about her.

Lin Che had become much prettier as if she had blossomed. She used to be shabby like a small family jade but now, she looked natural and pure. Her clothes were elegant. Her whole body seemed to be surrounded by a clear stream. She looked very good.

However, Chen Meili still disliked her, “Lin Che, what are you doing here? Are you buying a car?”

There was a hint of mockery in her tone because she knew that the cars here were not affordable for just anybody.

Lin Che looked at Chen Meili; she was older after all. She held herself back, “Yes, Aunty Qin. What a coincidence. You two carry on; I’m going over there to look.”

“Hey, Lin Che. I still want to talk to you. Why are you running away?” Chen Meili stopped Lin Che in her tracks.

Lin Che turned back.

Chen Meili tested her, “Have you met our Qin Qing recently?”

Lin Che replied, “No.”

“Really never? Or are you faking it?” Chen Meili scoffed.

Lin Che frowned and noticed the hatred in Chen Meili’s voice, “Aunty Qin, if you have something to say, just shoot.”

Chen Meili was unhappy to see Lin Che holding her head high with disdain on her face. She said, “Lin Che, I heard you got into trouble the other time and were brought to the police station. They said that it was our Qin Qing who helped get you out?”

So it was about that.

Qin Qing did help that time.

Lin Che turned to look at Chen Meili and said, “Yes, he helped me.”

Chen Meili looked at her and hit the table angrily, “Lin Che, don’t mind Aunty’s words, but Qin Qing is already engaged to your sister. He is now your brother-in-law.”

Lin Che stared at Chen Meili strangely, “And what’s wrong with my brother-in-law helping me?”

“You…” Chen Meili looked at Lin Che scornfully, “I’ve been aware of your feelings toward Qin Qing for a long time, but I’m warning you; you don’t deserve our Qin Qing. He will never like an illegitimate child like you. What’s gotten into you now? Just because you’re a celebrity and you have money, you think you can start to think about Qin Qing again? Well, I can tell you now. No door is open for you.”

Lin Che listened to her ridicule and smiled silently.

At the side, Lin Li tried to look humble in front of her future mother-in-law, but she could not conceal the smugness in her gentle eyes. Looking at Lin Che with a smirk on her mouth, she was enjoying this exchange.

“Aunty Qin, you must be mistaken. Qin Qing is just a friend to me and even more so my relative now. Although Qin Qing is a good guy, he’s nothing exceptional. All girls may like him, but I have my own boyfriend now. I have no interest in Qin Qing at all!”






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