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(A Jealous Man is Really Cold)

Lin Che looked up quickly and said, “Nonsense. Qin Qing is my future brother-in-law; there is nothing between us.”

“Are you serious? They’re still together?”

“They’re going to be married soon. You don’t follow the country’s entertainment news enough. They’ve already reported it multiple times,” Lin Che still felt uncomfortable thinking about it.

However, time was the best healer. Now when she thought about it, it did not hurt as much as before.

Shen Youran said quietly, “Aren’t you too sloppy then? You haven’t told him that you like him even until now? It’s better to let him know, no matter what the outcome is…”

“Enough, Youran. Sometimes, regret is a beautiful thing,” Lin Che tugged at Shen Youran and smiled.

Gu Jingze appeared in her mind as she recalled what he told her.

If she wanted, he could help bring her and Qin Qing together.

But thinking about it now, she actually did not want it.

Being with Qin Qing no longer seemed important to her anymore, at least not as important as her career. All she truly wanted now was to be able to improve further.

Mu Feiran was her role model.

Shen Youran sighed and then hugged Lin Che. They were like two troubled brothers drinking beer together.


“That’s right. Nothing compares to drinking our night away.”

“Come come come. Whoever gets drunk first has to foot the bill.”

“Are you dumb? How can a drunk pay up when they won’t even know where their wallet went?”

They were drinking when suddenly, a man walked over to them.

“Hey, you two ladies drinking alone must be bored. We have a bunch of guys over there. Come have some fun with us.”

Shen Youran was a bit buzzed. She looked up and shook her bottle. She said, “Who wants to drink with stinking men? All the men on earth are scum.”

Lin Che nodded her head vigorously, “Yes yes, all scum, all bastards.”

Gu Jingze, especially, was a bastard. Getting all mushy with Mo Huiling yet he wanted to mess around with her.

The man heard and was amused. He leaned over and said, “Little girl, you’re wrong. If men were so bad, women wouldn’t fall in love with them. Don’t you women love men like us? And we are bad because we want you to like us.”

As he spoke, he already grabbed Shen Youran, trying to pull her over, “Come, let’s go have some fun.”

“Let go of me. Let go or I’ll kick your nuts.”

“Hey, if you kick them, how am I going to enjoy myself later?” The man was particularly strong and direct.

Shen Youran struggled angrily. Lin Che quickly went over and blocked him, “Leave us alone or we won’t be so courteous to you!”

Lin Che was so mad that she slapped the man’s face, “Do you have no shame? She doesn’t want to follow you! Why are you still grabbing onto her?!”

The man was stunned. Cursing and swearing, he glared at Lin Che and lunged toward her.

But at this exact moment…

A hand came in front of Lin Che’s face.

Lin Che froze. She looked up and saw that Chen Yucheng had suddenly appeared beside her.

The man panicked. Chen Yucheng took the man’s arm in one hand and grabbed his shoulder in the other hand. In one quick movement, he threw the man face down onto the floor with one arm behind his back. He yelped in pain.

“Get lost. If I see you again, you’ll be in for it.”

Shen Youran raised her head in a daze, “Oh, a handsome hero saving the damsel in distress…”

As she spoke, her hand rested directly on Chen Yucheng’s chest.

Lin Che quickly pulled the drunk Shen Youran back. This woman’s alcohol tolerance was worse than hers. It hasn’t even been that long and she was already in such a drunken state.

“Sorry, Dr. Chen. She’s my friend and she’s a little drunk…”

Chen Yucheng watched Lin Che try to hold onto a swaying Shen Youran. Then, he pulled her back and said, “Leave it to me, Madam. Why are you still here? Your husband at home has gone crazy mad.”

Gu Jingze was crazy mad?

Lin Che pouted and turned to him, “Who asked him to be so demanding? I can’t even spend time with my friend.”

Chen Yucheng replied, “He cares about you.”

“Impossible. He’s just demanding.”

“Well, you stood him up. My dear Mrs. Gu, he is Gu Jingze after all. Ask around the whole B district if anyone dares to stand Gu Jingze up.”

Lin Che thought about it. In the beginning, Gu Jingze wanted to help check on her injuries; that was why he wanted her home. He may have been a little aggressive, but he had good intentions.

Her heart softened. Looking at Chen Yucheng, she pouted and said, “He could have spoken nicely… But…” She looked up sheepishly at him, “Am I really the first one to stand him up?”

“Well, you’re not exactly the first,” Chen Yucheng said.

“Then… what happened to whoever did that first?”

“He disappeared from the B district. After that, I don’t know what happened either.”


It was that serious.

This man was too tyrannical.

Chen Yucheng continued, “He locked himself in the gym and refuses to come out. That’s why I hurried here to find you and make you go back as soon as possible.”

“Ah… Let’s send her home first then.”

“It’s okay. You can leave this lady to me and go back first.”

“Oh, alright then. This is Shen Youran. She lives in the Golden Garden estate with her parents. She cannot stay out overnight. Please help me take her back home.”

She believed Gu Jingze’s doctor could be trusted. She left Shen Youran with him and then quickly left the place.

Shen Youran had no clue what was going on. She looked up and saw a cold-looking man with her. Her fingers reached up, “Hey, handsome. You don’t look too shabby. How much for a night? Too bad Sister has no money… You better let me go…”

What did she take him for…

What kind of people did Lin Che know?

Gu residence…

Lin Che entered and the maid quickly said, “Madam, you’re finally back. Sir is in the gym and he hasn’t come out.”

Lin Che thought, Who knew that this Gu Jingze would be so petty? He was still so upset even though it has been a long time. It was just an appointment.

Also, she had told him over the phone.

She had not seen Shen Youran for a year. Could she not go pick up her friend from the airport?

She quietly opened the door and peeked inside. Gu Jingze was exercising topless and wearing a pair of exercise shorts. Sweat glistened on his back, showing off his muscles. He was beautifully fit and he was like a walking embodiment of pheromones. Nobody could take their eyes off him.

What a handsome man…

She closed the door lightly but it made a sound, startling Gu Jingze who was inside.

In a glimpse, he saw Lin Che at the door. Gu Jingze’s eyes narrowed and he stared intensely at her. There was an air of anger surrounding him that would have made people shudder.

“Who said you could come in?” Gu Jingze let go of the Pec-Deck machine and got up, looking coldly at her.

Coming to find him only after seeing her beloved.

That blandish expression of hers was such a turn-off.

Was he a man who would be satisfied with mere coddling in her eyes?..



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