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(I Already Moved Here, What Can You Do About It?)

Mo Huiling was close and smiling at Lin Che as she walked towards her.

“Miss Lin,” the more enchanting her smile was, the more disgusted Lin Che felt.

This Mo Huiling was really unpredictable sometimes.

“Miss Mo, are you here to find Gu Jingze? You can just go in.”

Mo Huiling smiled and said, “No. I bought a house nearby and I just moved in today. So I wanted to say hi to my neighbors.”

Lin Che froze.

She bought a house nearby?

Did that mean that she was going to see her often from now on?

Lin Che was full of frustration. She wanted to say that this Mo Huiling was such a clingy shadow.

Mo Huiling pointed to a small building not far away and said, “That’s my new house. Come over and visit when you’re free.”

Lin Che looked in that direction; it was a villa much smaller than this house.

Naturally, the Gu residence was unique in this area. The house was shockingly huge, making the other houses beside it look tiny.

Mo Huiling wanted to buy a big house as well, but she was in a hurry and that villa was the biggest one close to the Gu residence.

Because when Gu Jingze first bought his house, he built the whole place himself. He found a French architect to build it. The house was beautiful, comfortable, big, and luxurious. It was like a palace, but the cost of it was surprising as well.

Mo Huiling definitely could not afford anything like that, but she could still afford a small villa at the side.

Mo Huiling proudly told Lin Che, “It’s a pity that there was no bigger house. Jingze has been so eagerly hoping that I’d move somewhere close, so I bought this small villa for the time being. It’s only about four million, but it’s actually just nice for Jingze and me. Anyway, if it’s smaller, it means that it’s more homely, right? I always felt that the maids walking about in Jingze’s house can really affect a couple’s world; that’s why I seldom come here. You should know that very well right, Lin Che? You probably never had much peace in Jingze’s house with the maids everywhere.”

Lin Che could not hear Mo Huiling’s bragging. She only smiled at her and replied, “It’s alright. The maids here are not as bad as you imagined. They’re trained so they don’t walk around usually. They only come out when there’s something that needs their attention.”

“Oh really? I had no idea. Whenever I was with Jingze, he wouldn’t let the maids come out and disturb us.”

Lin Che said, “It’s only too bad that even if it was just the two of you, he still can’t touch you. I understand that towards you, his illness can get rather serious.”

“You…” Mo Huiling was hurt and could only glare at Lin Che, “He can’t touch either of us. What are you so happy about?”

Mo Huiling still had no idea how Gu Jingze and Lin Che were getting along. She also did not know that whenever Gu Jingze was with Lin Che, his illness never acted up.

Lin Che did not argue further with her and looked inside. She said to Mo Huiling, “Then I wish you a pleasant stay.”

Mo Huiling scoffed and watched Lin Che enter the Gu residence.

The security at the door greeted her politely and the gate closed. Mo Huiling stared at the high fence with depressed eyes.

This should have been hers.

Hmph, I’m only letting you stay here temporarily, Lin Che. Sooner or later, I will chase you out!

Lin Che was home. Thinking about how Mo Huiling was just nearby, she could not help but feel unhappy.

She casually let the maids pick her clothes and went out on a whim, preparing to drive herself to the company.

Driving could turn her bad mood around.

Even though she finally got her driver’s license after taking professional lessons, she had never driven out on her own before.

The maids saw her walking towards the car and said behind her carefully, “Madam, why don’t you get the chauffeur?”

Lin Che replied, “I bought a car for my own convenience. Calling the chauffeur defeats that purpose. It’s okay. Sooner or later, I will need to learn how to drive. I’ll go ahead first.”

The maids thought about what Lin Che said and thought that her words made sense. Although they were still sincerely worried for her, they let her drive off.

A car was meant to be driven. It could not possibly be left at home every day.


Mo Huiling was still outside waiting for Gu Jingze to return.

However, from the corner of her eye, she saw Lin Che driving out.

That car was extremely attractive. She could definitely tell that it was a lady’s car.

However, she had investigated every bit about Lin Che. That girl had no money at all, was an illegitimate child, and she had a low status at home.

How could a poor bloke like her afford that car?

She must have persuaded Gu Jingze to buy it for her.

Mo Huiling’s heart fumed. This Lin Che was devious but always acted innocent. Finally, she had revealed her vixen tail.

But the most detestable thing was that Gu Jingze actually bought her a car.

Mo Huiling angrily rushed over.

“Lin Che, stop right there!” she yelled and ran furiously after the car.

Lin Che was initially still apprehensive about driving. Luckily, this was a wealthy neighborhood, so there usually was not that many people around. She even wanted to practice a little on the road first, but she suddenly saw Mo Huiling running towards her.

“Ah! Go away, Mo Huiling! Go away!” As a new driver, she got nervous from just seeing a person there, much less someone who was running towards her.

Mo Huiling was running at her head on. Lin Che could not avoid her in time and knocked into her.

Mo Huiling fell on the floor. Lin Che got shocked as Mo Huiling got back on her feet and yelled at her, “Lin Che, you… Are you trying to kill me? You better come over here; see how I’m gonna deal with you. Don’t you dare think about running away! I’m definitely not letting you off today!”

She got back up immediately. She was clearly fine.

Lin Che glared at her, “You didn’t care about your own life and ran toward me and you still want to blame others? Hmph, it’s good that you’re not dead. I’m not playing with you anymore.”

She still needed to head to the company. She was not so free like Mo Huiling.

After that, Lin Che returned to her car and drove away.

Mo Huiling could only shout angrily behind, “Lin Che, come back here! You… Just you wait. Gu Jingze won’t let you off.”

Mo Huiling sat on the ground and called Gu Jingze.

“Jingze, I got into a car accident. Quickly come over.”

“What? Where did you get into an accident?”

“At… I’m outside the Gu residence.”


Gu Jingze was surprised. Cars usually drove very slowly here because there were so many warning signs. They obeyed the speed limit. How did she get into an accident there?

Gu Jingze soon got there and saw Mo Huiling sitting on the ground.

He quickly asked people to help Mo Huiling up. Her leg was injured and she yelped in pain, “Jingze, you have to help me out. See, Lin Che wanted to kill me with her car. She hit my leg.”

She lifted up her skirt, revealing the obvious impact on her ankle and knee.

Gu Jingze asked strangely, “Lin Che drove her car out?”

This Lin Che… She had never driven out before. Why did she drive out now…



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