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(It Turned Out That They Were Eating Together In the room.)

Lin Che finished eating. It was so satisfying.

“So delicious,” she looked up and said to Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingze smiled and looked at her. He said triumphantly, “I told you that it was good. I wasn’t lying, right?”

Lin Che replied, “Yes, yes. Really delicious.”

Lin Che’s lips were oily but strangely, it did not look disgusting. Instead, her lips looked fuller.

He could not bear to look anymore and turned to the bread crumbs still on her face. He went to her and said, “Silly, just look at you. There’s food all over your lips.”

Lin Che tilted her head to let him brush them off.

He smiled as he reached over. Looking at Lin Che, he stuffed the bread crumbs into his own mouth.

Lin Che was shocked. Her face blushed as she yelled, “Bastard, are you crazy?”

Gu Jingze smiled and said lightly, “The taste is not bad.”

“…” Lin Che flushed and glared hatefully at this ill-mannered man.

Gu Jingze asked, “What’s wrong? I said the bread was not bad.”

“I… I didn’t say anything,” she said in a fluster. “If it’s not bad, then there’s plenty here. Take them from here.”

Why would he take it from her mouth?!

Gu Jingze smiled and moved closer to her, “You taste better.”


“Gu Jingze! You’re crazy!” Lin Che exclaimed again.

Gu Jingze heard and smirked. The laughter seemed to come from deep in his chest, pleasant yet tough.

Lin Che had to hand it to him. She chewed grudgingly on the bread, taking it as his head.

However, the two of them had no clue.

At this moment outside, Mo Huiling was on her way out from her private room and she unknowingly ended up at the room here.

She listened from the outside and soon heard Gu Jingze’s laughter.

When did Gu Jingze laugh in such an exaggerated manner?

All along, even if he was elated, only the corners of his mouth would move at most. He always controlled himself. Now…

It definitely was not a business talk inside!

Mo Huiling was certain.

She looked angrily inside and was just about to stomp in.

The staff outside saw and quickly stopped Mo Huiling.

Knowing who Mo Huiling was, they did not dare move a muscle and could only advise her, “Miss Mo, what are you doing?”

The more Mo Huiling got held back, the angrier she got.

“Who do you guys think you are? Do you dare to stop me like this? Let go of me and let me go in! I know Gu Jingze is in there. Go ask Gu Jingze if he would allow you to hold me back like that! Do you guys know who I am?”

The staff was helpless as she struggled wildly trying to go in. It was as if she had forgotten about her image and composure. Her clothes became all messy.

Mo Huiling yelled, “Hurry up and let me go or else I’m telling Gu Jingze to fire each and every one of you!”

Mo Huiling was becoming more furious, not caring about anything else.

Inside, the two who were enjoying their dessert suddenly heard a commotion outside.

Lin Che panicked a little, “Is there a fight outside? It sounds loud.”

Gu Jingze never liked to care about anything outside. Today, he wanted to be with Lin Che to celebrate her victory. He looked at Lin Che, still appreciating the interesting way she ate. However, the noise outside disturbed them. He saw Lin Che already standing up, so he stood up too, “I’ll go take a look.”

Lin Che followed behind him.

When he opened the door, he heard Mo Huiling shouting, “All of you, just you wait! Every single one of you little sluts… see how I’m going to deal with all of you!”

Mo Huiling saw the door open and Gu Jingze stood there with a cold expression. She was shocked.

However, she could not take back the words she said. Her mouth moved, wanting to reflect on herself.

She knew Gu Jingze was inside but she still said all those nasty words.

In that moment of anger, she really did not hold back.

When she saw Gu Jingze come out, her appearance immediately weakened. Just then, she saw Lin Che follow behind him.

Her eyes grew wide as she stared at Lin Che…

It turned out that Gu Jingze was eating together with Lin Che?

It turned out that Gu Jingze brought Lin Che here to dine?

Mo Huiling looked at Gu Jingze angrily, “Jingze, you… Why are you eating here with her? And you’re even sitting in that room? You… How could you do this?!”

Gu Jingze looked at Mo Huiling unhappily.

It was the first time he witnessed her act crazily like that.

She even screamed all those nasty words.

If Lin Che said those words, he could understand. Lin Che never hid her character. She was a vulgar woman who liked to speak from her mind.

However, to Gu Jingze, Mo Huiling was always everybody’s good-natured girl. Although she could be stubborn, she was still well-mannered.

But now, she was nothing like the good-natured girl in everyone’s eyes. Instead, she was like a shrew that was looking at Lin Che with a twisted face.

Gu Jingze took a few steps forward. The staff quickly retreated and watched the three of them.

Mo Huiling took the opportunity and ran to Gu Jingze. She hugged his body and leaned against him forcefully. When she got a good grip on him, she said, “Jingze, they were so fierce. I clearly heard your voice but they refused to let me in. They even told me that you were in there with a date so I couldn’t disturb you. I had no right to go in and find you. I… I… I’m really upset.”

The staff at the side were pissed off. How could this Miss Mo still say such nonsense?

Gu Jingze felt Lin Che still beside him. He frowned and pushed Mo Huiling away. He bent his head and looked at her, “What’s happening? Don’t talk so fast.”

Mo Huiling looked up at him with tears in her eyes, “Anyway, how could you bring her here?”

Gu Jingze turned back and answered nonchalantly, “The food is good so I brought her here to eat. What’s wrong with that?”

“What? This is our place. You always brought me here to eat. How could you bring another woman here?!”

Gu Jingze sighed deeply, “Since when did this become OUR place?”

“You…” Mo Huiling’s face darkened.

Lin Che did not want to meddle in their affair. Looking at Gu Jingze and Mo Huiling, she said, “Why don’t you two talk? I’ll go first.”

“Wait,” Gu Jingze pulled her back. As he saw that she did not have her coat on, he went in to retrieve it and put it on her, “Wait in the car for me.”

He spoke to Lin Che softly.

Lin Che looked at him and wondered if the situation could be resolved in such a short time.

However, many people were staring, so she only nodded, “Okay.”

Watching Lin Che leave, Mo Huiling looked as if she wanted to murder someone.



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