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(I Like to Share My Things With You)

The Lin Household.

Lin Li watched the replay of the telecast of the segment when Lin Che went on stage to accept her reward. She was so angry that her face got green.

The spotlight followed her as she walked down the stage. She was surrounded by people congratulating her and reporters going up to her to interview her. She radiated with pride.

Lin Li huffed angrily and swiped the cup in her hand.

“Lin Che actually got an award!”

Han Caiying watched as she tried to comfort Lin Li, “It’s fine. Now that she has Gu Jingze behind her, of course, things will be different. Wait until you marry into the Qin family. It’ll be the same for you.”

Lin Li gritted her teeth and tried to believe that was true. However, between the Qin family and the Gu family, there was some difference. The more she thought about it, the angrier she got.


Gu Jingze took Lin Che to a restaurant. Lin Che exclaimed, “Wow! This looks like an expensive place. Do you seriously want me to treat you?”

Gu Jingze looked at her, “You won an award today, so shouldn’t you be treating me?”

Lin Che pouted, “But I didn’t think you would pick such an expensive place.”

This was a Chinese restaurant, but anyone who saw the outside would have assumed that this was a high-end restaurant.

The entrance was beautifully decorated and there were few people inside. It seemed like they all had private rooms. Each room had a name beautifully calligraphed on the door. The staff saw the two of them enter and quickly bowed their heads to greet them politely. They smiled so naturally and their makeup was pleasant. The staff must have undergone extremely strict training.

“Mr. Gu, would you like your usual room? We always keep it reserved for you.”


Gu Jingze brought Lin Che in. As they walked, he said, “The food here is very good. Once you try it, you’ll know. And they do such a clean job so it’s very homely.”

Lin Che retorted, “If you want to eat homecooked food so bad, why are we at such an expensive place? We should go home so I can cook for you.”

Gu Jingze looked at her scornfully, “If I let a klutz like you cook for me, I’ll end up eating slag.”

“No way… The last time was an accident.”

Gu Jingze refused to believe her. Furthermore, he specially brought her here but she was not even appreciative of this. What an ignorant woman.

“I come here a lot. The food is fantastic. You’ll know once you try it.”

He truly wanted to get her approval. In his heart, he wanted her to like the things that he did.

From the start, he thought of the good food at this place and for some reason, he wanted to share it with her. However, she still complained that it was expensive.

Lin Che followed him in and they sat down. She could see the lake right outside. This must have been the best spot out of the whole restaurant.

Gu Jingze was responsible for ordering the dishes since he was familiar with this place. He would certainly know which dishes were good.

He ordered a table’s worth of food. Lin Che could feel her pockets crying and her heart bleeding.

It felt so expensive.

After a while, the food arrived.

Lin Che looked at the food. They looked so appetizing and delicious.

“Try it,” Gu Jingze was like a noble Persian cat that ate with such graceful and slow movements.

Lin Che did not care about table manners. She took and ate whatever was good.

They were indeed delicious.

She started taking big bites and gulping down her drink. She happily ate.

Gu Jingze said quietly, “Eat slower.”

Lin Che replied, “It tastes better with bigger bites.”

Gu Jingze shook his head, “It’s not good for your digestion.”

Lin Che said, “You eat to taste food. If you eat for your digestion, you might as well be eating porridge every day.”

“You only know how to spout nonsense,” Gu Jingze glared at her.

However, it was undeniable that seeing her enjoy food like that, he somehow felt a sense of accomplishment. It was as if he got a major approval for what he liked.

Gu Jingze looked joyful as he watched her eat.

“Slowly. See? You got food all over your mouth now,” he reached out his hand and wiped the sides of her mouth.

“I’ll wash after eating. Eh, you eat too. I haven’t seen you move,” Lin Che talked with her mouth full.

At the same time, on the outside.

Mo Huiling entered the restaurant with her good friends.

The people around Mo Huiling have always envied her. She had been close to the Gu family since she was young and everybody knew that Gu Jingze was her boyfriend all along.

They would often hear her showing off but even when she showed off, they could not say anything.

Everyone could only continue to envy her. So since she was young, she was always the center of attention. And because she was childhood sweethearts with Gu Jingze, nobody could displace her position.

Even until now, although Gu Jingze was already married, it was a secret marriage. Not many people outside their circle knew about his marriage. Furthermore, they did not hold a wedding ceremony, so nobody knew that Gu Jingze had another woman by his side.

“Huiling, it’s so expensive here. We always eat here and you always pay for us; I feel bad,” her friend said politely.

Mo Huiling could not conceal the pride in her tone. She generously said, “It’s alright. There’s a room here that Gu Jingze always has reserved for him. Every time we come here, we just need to use that room and all the expenses will be paid for by Gu Jingze.”

“Really? Gu Jingze is so generous to you for letting you use his personally reserved room.”

“These are nothing to Jingze,” Mo Huiling said as she strutted in with her high heels.

Everybody behind chimed in, “That is true. To the Gu family, that bit of money takes mere minutes to earn back. Huiling, I’m so envious of you.”

Mo Huiling raised her head proudly.

The staff immediately recognized Mo Huiling. She came here often, so everybody knew.

Looking at Mo Huiling, the staff quickly greeted, “Miss Mo.”

Mo Huiling requested, “The same room. There’s four of us today.”

As she spoke, she gravitated towards the room.

However, the staff hurriedly held her back and looked inside with a hint of worry. She said shyly, “Sorry, Miss Mo, but… Mr. Gu is using that room tonight.”

“What?” Mo Huiling asked. “Jingze is here? I’m going to look for him.”

The staff quickly stopped her from taking another step, “But… Mr. Gu is with a guest.”

Mo Huiling was shocked.

Her friends felt Mo Huiling’s embarrassment and tried to defuse the situation, “Let’s go to another room. They are all the same. Maybe he’s having a business meeting.”

Mo Huiling could only force a dry smile and let her friends go to another room.

However, she stared intensely at the room with suspicion in her eyes.





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