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(Was She Not Supposed to Treat?)

Wang Qingchu strutted back to her seat. Lin Che bit her lips and stared at Wang Qingchu’s back. Her fists were clenched tightly.

Yu Minmin never thought that Wang Qingchu would be so arrogant.

Maybe she was too young to control her manners.

Lin Che smiled coldly, “Is the Panda Awards about skills on the screen or off the screen? Seriously…”

Yu Minmin pressed Lin Che’s hand, “Don’t worry. I’ll check it out.”

As Yu Minmin got up and left, Lin Che sat there alone. She overheard some people behind her talking among themselves.

“It looks like the Best Newcomer Award is going to Wang Qingchu.”

“But Lin Che is also not bad.”

“Actually, I knew a long ago that Wang Qingchu snagged a high-flyer from the Panda Programme. I’ve seen them a few times already.”

“Oh my God. Then it really might be her. No wonder she’s so full of herself, walking on the red carpet alone with such confidence. I guess it was already internally decided. Isn’t that a pity for Lin Che?”

“There’s no choice.”

Lin Che had already decided not to hold high hopes in getting the award, but she still felt unhappy hearing that. If it was all based on effort, she would be content with the loss. However, she was really not satisfied to be beaten this way.

The world was unfair and even more so in this industry. Lin Che simply did not like that something so unjust like this was happening to her.

Was it not possible to fight fair and square based on popularity and skills?

Wang Qingchu occasionally turned back to Lin Che, raising an eyebrow and smiling smugly. She looked so triumphant.

Lin Che only looked ahead and quietly took deep breaths.

Celebrities went up the stage one by one as the awards from the Music Award to the Motion Picture Award were given out. Lin Che stared in front. When it was time for the Best Newcomer Award, she silently sat up straight.

Wang Qingchu turned back to her once again and smiled slightly at Lin Che, “No need to be so excited for it; this award is going to be mine. How unlucky for you to have met me this year. Better luck next time.” Wang Qingchu covered her mouth as she pretended to suddenly recall something, “Oh, I just remembered. You only get one chance in your life for this award. You won’t be a newcomer next year.”

Lin Che stared at Wang Qingchu, “At least I got here with my own efforts and ability instead of relying on whatever that goes on backstage.”

“Ha, the backstage is also part of our capabilities, especially in this industry. However, you probably can’t beat me in that aspect anyway.”

The entire hall hushed as the host began to speak, “This year’s newcomers are really an entirely new generation. Especially in the first half of the year, there was hit drama after hit drama. The second half of the year was full of surprises too. There were so many excellent works with excellent reputations and ratings.”

“And thus, we are now announcing our Best Newcomer this year.”

After they rolled the video of all the nominees, the host smiled and said, “Who will be this year’s Best Newcomer? Is it Wang Qingchu? Is it Gu Ningning? Can it be Situ Xing or Lin Che?”

At that moment, another guest presenter looked across the entire audience down the stage. All the cameras were going back and forth between the four nominees. Lin Che sat there a little emotionless and stiff. She was still not used to being stared at. On the other hand, Wang Qingchu was full of confidence and looked right ahead at the cameras very proudly.

Just then, the guest presenter smiled and announced, “This year’s Best Newcomer Award goes to Lin Che!”

Below, Lin Che heard her own name and was shocked.

She sat there unable to move until the people beside her nudged her and she quickly got up.

Still a little dazed, she could barely see anything with the spotlight shining right into her face. She got up on the stage and took the award from the guest presenter.

Below, Wang Qingchu had already stood up but when she heard Lin Che’s name, her face turned green.

Looking in front, she held her award and stood behind the lectern. She nervously held the microphone and smiled as she said, “Thank you, creators of ‘Swords of Love’. Thank you, director, for giving me this opportunity to play such an important role. And also, thank you to my fellow colleagues and crew for teaching me so much. Thank you all so much…”

Wang Qingchu could not listen anymore. She got up, not caring about anyone staring at her, and stomped out.

Outside, she walked all over the place until she found President Chen at the back.

She yelled furiously, “What’s going on with you? You said that you would give it to me. How could you… You dare lie to me! Are you toying with me?”

She was so embarrassed. She talked herself up so much full of confidence but got nothing in the end.

“I… I didn’t want to either. I really wrote your name. Even if everyone thinks Lin Che is better, I still believe in you. But today…” President Chen said quietly, “I can only say that Lin Che has a backing far stronger than yours. I can’t do anything about it.”


“Honestly, there was no other way. I also wish she wasn’t such a heavyweight. However, I really can’t touch this person. I can’t help you even if I wanted to.”

Wang Qingchu heard him and was stunned. Her face scrunched up in anger.

Very soon, Lin Che got off the stage and saw Yu Minmin. She said in surprise, “I honestly never thought that this award would be mine. God, what is going on?”

Yu Minmin smiled and replied, “It seems like there’s still some fairness in this world.”

Lin Che nodded her head vigorously.

She could not conceal the delight on her face.

Yu Minmin said, “Remember to treat us.”

“Of course, I will treat you all. Heh heh.”

The awards ceremony ended. As Lin Che was walking out, her phone rang.

She took it out and saw that it was Gu Jingze.

She hurriedly answered the call, “Gu Jingze.”

Hearing the joy in her voice, Gu Jingze smiled peacefully, “Did it end?”

“Yes, it just ended.”

“I’m waiting for you outside. Come out.”

“Ah, really?”

“Of course. You won, so shouldn’t you treat me to a meal?” Gu Jingze asked.

“Okay okay. Of course, I’ll treat you out.”

Lin Che hung up and ran outside to see Gu Jingze’s car there.

Lin Che hopped in and excitedly handed her trophy for Gu Jingze to see.

Gu Jingze smiled and said, “Congratulations to you.”

Lin Che said in amazement, “I still thought that it was strange how everyone said Wang Qingchu knew someone formidable, so the award would be hers. In the end, it was still mine.”

Gu Jingze smiled at her, “That proves you know someone even more formidable.”


Gu Jingze did not continue and already started driving, “Let’s go. You owe me a meal.”



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