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Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 25 


The CEO was back? 

Wasn't his timing just a… little too perfect? 

As Liz thought along these lines, the Mayor got up from his seat and led her towards the other door in his room. 

Following him, Liz came upon the most exquisite private garden she had ever seen. 

Surrounded on three sides by blooming flowers, it was like a place straight out of a magazine. A path comprised of marble steps led to the wooden table in the centre, where a man wearing chef's clothes was arranging three plates. 

The table itself had a rustic feel to it, reminding her of those which were usually found in parks. 

The patchwork on the tablecloth indicated that it was definitely a style that wasn't sold right now: overall, this sight took her back to the 80's, where lunch was all about rustic food. 

These days, a business lunch meeting was all about building contacts or getting things done. 

As the same smell that had made her speechless before assaulted her nostrils again, she wished with all her heart that this one wouldn't be so. 

"How did the meeting go? Has Mr. Mayor been appeased?" 

Hearing the cold voice which had become familiar by now behind her, Liz turned around to see the CEO walk into the garden behind them with one hand in his pocket. 

"You have an excellent secretary, Mr. Will. I have already given her the signed document." 

Although she was beaming inside, Liz just smiled and greeted him before handing over the document, appearing like a devoted employee. 

"Well done. I apologize for having to leave, something important came up nearby which I had to handle." 

The second statement was to the Mayor, who waved his hand and said, "It's not a problem. Who knows, if you were there, maybe that document wouldn't be in your hand right now. Enough talk, let's eat. Thank you, Alejandro." 

As the chef who was plating up nodded and moved to the side, the Mayor and the CEO took a seat on the table on opposite sides. 

Meanwhile, Liz had been standing in a world of her own after being complemented. 

It had been as if just those two simple words had caused a whirlwind of happy and content emotions inside her head, which made her disregard everything as she reveled in them. 

"Ah-ahem. Get everything here, I don't want to have a professional lunch- I must eat to my heart's content. I hope you don't mind, Mr. Will. Your secretary has fulfilled a dream of mine that has captivated me for ages. My heart is filled with happiness, and my stomach wants to be filled too. Please let go of all pretenses, and eat. Miss. Liz, please take a seat, and we can begin!" 

Snapping out, Liz hurriedly sat down beside the CEO. 

It was only after she did so that she thought about whether this was inappropriate. After all, she was an employee and the two people on the table were the ones with the actual authority. 

Although her stomach grumbled in response to the thought, she said, "Maybe I should leave you two-" 

"Nonsense! I insist! Do you have a problem with it, Mr. Will? She was responsible for the deal in the first place, so she deserves a spot on the table!" 

Glancing to the side, she saw the CEO nod while he looked at her with an imperceptible expression on his face. 

"Good. Come on! What's the delay?" 

It seemed that just the thought that he would meet his granddaughter had made the Mayor raucous, as he had shouted these words merrily at the chef who stood to the side. 

As if on queue, multiple waiters walked through the door holding trays in their hands. 

In a few seconds, the table was filled with delicacies that looked so perfect that Liz's eyes were as large as saucepans while she stared at them all. 

Cheeseburgers with the cheese still resplendently goeey, baby back ribs that had been grilled to perfection, mac and cheese that smelled heavenly, chicken wings which looked like they would slide away from the bone with ease and apple pie that made Liz's mouth water. 

"I made the chefs create all the California classics! Please dig in without hesitation!" 

Saying so, the Mayor took a cheeseburger from the neat pile on the large plate and bit into it, getting cheese around his mouth. 

Yet, he did not seem to care one bit. 

Liz reached her hand to the ribs that were closest to her, but she paused as she realized that she was still in a formal setting with her boss sitting beside her. 

Hence, she hesitated and put it back. 

Seeing this, the CEO bent forward as if to get some food on his plate, but his mouth moved close to Liz's ear coincidentally. 

"Good job deducing the reason behind his hesitation and solving it. Eat to your heart's content, you've earned it.", he murmured, making her jaw drop as he served himself some ribs and started eating them gracefully. 





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