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"Melting My CEO'S Heart" Episode14

Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 14

(first day of work 3)

The retort made Liz's face burn, as she hastily raised her hand to scrub at her face before stopping and realizing that she was behaving in a very uncouth manner.

She was usually never like this; it was just that – it seemed as if every time this man was in the same room as her, her flow would be disturbed, making her do the most incomprehensible stuff which always left her baffled as to whether it was really her who was doing these things.

It was the same both in the incident with the hairpins and now, with the pancakes.

Taking a few deep breaths first and calming down from the exertion of running to the limousine in high heels, she carefully raised the apron to dab at her mouth before taking it off and folding it neatly.

Placing it to the side, she coughed and completely calmed down before picking up the tablet.

As she was looking down, she didn't notice that Mr. William Bradshaw had been observing her all this while on the reflection on the window he was looking into. When he saw her doing these things with a calm demeanor without saying anything, he had raised an eyebrow, as if impressed.

Indeed, Liz had completely come back into her professional self. Vowing to not let this man throw her off again like that, she read through the description of the meeting in the app.

"Meeting with Mr. Sanders for the sale of his farmland on the outskirts of New York where Happle, Inc. would like to build a new manufacturing plant. Note: Mr. Sanders has shown strong unwillingness to the deal, and he is known to be bullish if someone tries to push him."

Mr. Sanders? Liz felt the name was familiar, but she couldn't place it at the moment. After she read through this short briefing thrice, it seemed that Mr. William had had enough of looking out the window at whatever was so interesting as to gather his attention till now.

"Your thoughts on the briefing?"

The question made Liz's head snap up, as her attempts to remember the origins of the name were so intense that she had almost forgotten that there was someone else sitting right in front of her.

This was one of Liz's self-professed flaws: whenever she thought about something deeply, she often forgot everything and everyone around her.

Of course, this made it so that her mind became razor sharp, allowing her to assess and calculate things at a blazing speed.

It was the same even now. She had managed to remember just who this Mr. Sanders was.

"Mr. Sanders is famously known for declining a 300 million dollar deal because he didn't like the tie color of the man proposing it. He is the CEO of one of the largest food chains in the world, and his board of directors found this absurd. A few even threatened to oust him from his post, but he stuck by his decision. It was later found out that there was something shady with the deal which could have caused his company to lose millions of dollars. He says that it was his gut feeling. Since then, he is known as the man who sticks by what he says and thinks. If he doesn't want to sell it, no one can make him sell it."

"No one?"

Liz had basically been reciting the article she had read about the man, but the last sentence had been her personal opinion about the deal based on everything she knew. Yet, seeing the confident smile of the CEO in front of her, she wondered if she had spoken too soon.

Deciding to think more before speaking from now on, she said, "No one normal, sir."

As the confident smile expanded slightly, the CEO said, "Nice save. Don't call me 'Sir', Mr. Will is fine. What would you do if you had to close the deal at any cost?"

For a few seconds, Liz couldn't speak, as this damn man had frozen her again by doing what he just did.


Although she had learned to resist falling to the charms of his perfect face already, this smile upended that.

Although it was slight and was only at the corner of his lips, it displayed a level of self-confidence which Liz had never seen before.

This was definitely a man who knew he was damn good at his job, and also enjoyed doing it himself.

Thankfully, the effects didn't last as the limousine came to a halt at this moment, saving Liz in the process.

"Let's talk on the plane. Let's go." 



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