Wednesday, 26 February 2020


Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 62 


After seeing that they had reached their destination, Will finally let go of Liz's hand.

Yet, he immediately felt like taking it back in his, as he had already felt like he missed that feeling of pleasant softness that had been with him till now.

Surprised at his own thoughts, Will was going to ask himself just what the reason was behind these thoughts before he saw Liz just stand there with a blank look on her face.

What happened? Had the pain sent her into shock?

Although the possibility of this happening was very minute, at this moment, Will felt a great amount of worry for this girl who had impressed him thoroughly with the things she had done to clear her name.

More than anything, it had been the confirmation that she was indeed different that had led him to push some work onto Keren at the last minute so that he could talk to her alone.

Although he told himself that he was only doing so because he felt guilt at ending their last dinner in such a wrong fashion, he suspected that there was some other reason which he couldn't identify right now.

With panic coming on his own face, he walked forward and grabbed Liz by the shoulders before shaking her.

Meanwhile, Liz didn't know that the same feeling that had made her feel blank had also been felt by the CEO.

Indeed, when he had left her hand, she had felt…alone.

It was almost as if she was a boat towed out to the middle of the sea and left alone with nothingness around it. The ride had been very enjoyable, but the feeling of loss that came after had made her go blank, unable to comprehend anything.

No, Liz! What are you doing?! You said you wouldn't be affected by him!!

Although this voice still screamed inside her mind, it was more like an annoying fly now that only had the effect of buzzing in her ear.

Just as she was about to snap out of it by herself, Liz felt those same two strong hands grasp her by her shoulders before shaking her vigorously.

"Miss. Liz! Are you all right?! Shall I call help?"

Wait…was that the CEO talking?

Wasn't his tone always cold?

Why was there an additional…worry now?

And wait…was that worry for her?!

As she tried to wrap her head around this new development, Liz raised her head and looked into those striking blue eyes which she had consciously or unconsciously avoided since what had happened between them in the restaurant in New York.

They were like two deep pools that she wished she could dive into and never surface, as she knew in her heart of hearts that there was no better feeling than being lost inside them.

These pools were usually frozen, with no emotion showing inside them. Yet, now, the surface had broken, allowing her to gaze inside and see things which captivated her.

Most of all, she saw the worry that made her wonder why this man seemed to care so much about her.

It was almost like the answers to her questions were inside those deep pools, so Liz found herself stepping forward with the intention of looking deeper and finding them out.

Yet, she had forgotten the fact that the blankness from before hadn't completely left her mind. Hence, she tripped on her own feet, falling onto the chest of the CEO.

First, she was overwhelmed by that damn scent that had caused all this to happen in the first place. Where before it had been like a drug that tried to addict her by exposing her to short whiffs of it, it was now like an overwhelming avalanche that made her breathe sharply, astonished about the fact that such a thing could even exist.

Next, she felt his hearbeat, as it seemed that she had landed on the left side of his chest. It beat with a strong rhythm, but it was now accelerating, making Liz wonder why.

As she realized the answer to this question, Liz finally understood the reason and the position she was in.

She had actually…fallen unwittingly into the CEO's embrace! ...



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