Saturday, 22 February 2020


Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 54

 (Destroying a company (2)


Looking up, Liz saw that the CEO had noticed the small panic that had passed across her face on realizing just what kind of people they were going up against.

As she heard this question, she was reminded of all the pain she had gone through due to the actions of Jenny, who had been under the employ of this damn company.

Erasing that panic, she replied, "No. I just want to kick their… bottom."

Seeing the heated tone with which Liz said these words, Will realized that she was probably remembering the events in the restaurant.

The regret about his actions was still there, but he had already taken a step forward to try and apologise. Of course, he had been rejected.

Still, the guilt remained, which was a new emotion to him.

Smiling slightly, he said, "Good. I'll repeat my question. What is the foundation of such a big business?"

After thinking for a few seconds again and going through everything she had read about the company, Liz saw that the answer was obvious.

"The family who started it all."

"That's right. So can you guess where we are headed to?"


"Exactly. The case files of all the major members of their family have been sent to your tablet. Go through them thoroughly. Your assignment is the same as the one I gave to the employees back in the headquarters: make a game plan. We have a long flight ahead, so I'll be expecting a detailed report. Get to it."

Nodding with determination, Liz opened her tablet to see that she had indeed received a mail with these details.

This family was based in Europe, hence, it only made sense that they were heading there if they wanted to uproot Sylvex completely.

As she started to open file after file and read through them, the competitive nature inside Liz that had enabled her to consistently score in the top no matter where she studied woke up.

She found herself feeling the urge to do her best and impress the man in front of her. Although she told herself that this urge was because she wanted to show her capabilities again, Liz knew that there were some underlying feeling that she chose to ignore right now.

Even having this conversation just now with the CEO had felt great, as if this was how things were supposed to be. Everything had felt… Right.

Yet, just as she was about to completely dive into the details, she remembered that Europe was at least 10 to 12 hours away even by private flight.

And, it seemed as if whatever task they had embarked on would take quite a long time. Hence, it wouldn't make sense to fly back-and-forth.

"How long are we going to be gone for?", she asked, making the CEO look up from the file that he was reading.

"At least a week. Is there a problem?"

Hearing the casual question, Liz widened her eyes.

She was actually going for a week's trip and she hadn't been told about it?!

"Yes! I don't have any clothes, and I need to inform my mother. My brother has exams coming up and I promised to tutor him… And –"

Realizing that all these details weren't things that the CEO needed to know, Liz stopped rambling and was about to speak again when the CEO cut her off.

"Someone has already been to your home to collect clothes which were given by your mother, and she has already been informed. Your suitcase is on the plane. I will also put in a request to hire the best private tutor for your brother. This is a sudden thing, so everything you need will be taken care of. List any other concerns you may have, and you can also make calls to inform people if you need to do so. Just don't tell them what you are doing or where you are headed to."

Hearing this, Liz didn't even know what to say.

Indeed, everything felt so sudden, but she tried to adapt, knowing that this entire thing had probably been started because of her revealing Jenny's identity.

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she stood up and walked to one corner of the flight.

Yet, on opening her old Nokia phone, she saw that she had no signal.

"You're an employee of Happle and you're using that? Hasn't your phone been delivered yet? Here, use mine."

As a pleasant musky keep fragrance assaulted her nose, she became aware of the fact that the CEO had gotten up and reached her side before taking out his phone and handing it over.

Just like before, the fragrance reminded her of everything she loved, but she resisted the urge to breathe in deep this time.

Putting her phone back in her pocket and putting away the thought to retort and defend it, she took the phone that was being offered and nodded at him breathlessly before starting to place the call to her mother. 



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