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Melting the Cold CEO`s Heart

Episode 37 

(Dinner (5)

Getting to the ladies' room, Liz walked to the basin and started to dab the dress with a few tissues.

As she was doing so, she smiled to herself again, remembering how nice it had felt to have a proper casual conversation with the CEO for the first time.

Still, she didn't know exactly what the reason was behind the way she was affected by the actions or the presence of that man.

Thinking on it, she realized that no one in her life had the same effect on her as the CEO.

It was almost as if he was a star that was affecting her by his sheer gravity, making her act and feel in ways that she never imagined possible.

With her gaze unfocused and her thoughts still on the man waiting for her in the private booth, she didn't notice a woman enter the ladies' room behind her.

The woman's hat was bent down, making it so that it was impossible to see her face. Coming to the washbasin beside Liz, she washed her hands before turning around.


As this sound echoed throughout the room, Liz looked up with shock to realize that her dress had just been torn away.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I didn't see that I was stepping on your dress! I'll ask someone to send help!"

Saying so in a voice that for some reason sounded familiar, the woman quickly walked out of the room while holding the torn part of Liz's dress in her hand.

Indeed, at some point of time when Liz was still in shock, she had picked it up.

Nodding without really understanding what was going on, Liz looked into the mirror and forced herself to see how bad the damage was.

Her hand still had the tissue which she had been using to dab the water, which was a testament to just how suddenly this event had happened.

The entire top and bottom lace parts of the dress were gone, and the only thing remaining was the inner dress.

Cut at below her knees, most of her legs were exposed, while her breasts were almost popping out of the dress due to how tight it was in that area.

If there was a fine line between sexy and slutty, Liz was definitely on the latter side now.

At this moment, she actually started to feel suspicious, as the cut was too clean. In fact, it looked like the top and bottom parts had been sewed on afterward to generate this effect.

Realizing this, Liz quickly strode to the door and looked into the corridor, but there was no one there.


With frustration, she closed the door and locked it behind her.

Clearly, someone was scheming against her. But who could it be? She hadn't done a thing to harm anyone!

Even if she was being schemed against, what could their motive be?

If it was to shame her, they were being successful, but it didn't make sense why they hadn't torn the entire dress away. After all, even if she did feel exposed and ashamed to be wearing such exposing clothes with more than half of her body visible to the outside, it was still much better than just being in her inners.

In this dress, she could at least still walk around and just be mistaken as someone who loved to look…hot.

There was no use thinking further about it right now. Looking at her options, Liz realized that she had no other choice but to go back to the booth. Her bag was still on the table, so she didn't even have her cell phone with her.

Deciding to do so and tell the CEO everything so that the culprit could be identified, Liz looked at herself again in the mirror.

The legs were fine, but the breasts were the most problematic part. More than 3/4th of them were visible, and for once, she lamented the fact that she had large D-cup sized ones that even jiggled when she walked.

After trying to push them in but failing miserably, Liz sighed with frustration and took a deep breath.

It was just a short walk; after that, she could explain to the CEO and wear something to cover herself up.

Setting her face into an expression of determination, Liz walked out and successfully made her way to the booth by ignoring the looks from the waiters.

After entering, she immediately locked the door behind her and turned around before exhaling heavily.

Closing her eyes for a second, she first calmed down her beating heart.

Yet, when she opened them and looked at the CEO, the expression of extreme disgust and revulsion that was on his face startled her and almost made her fall to her knees.

"I actually called you here to apologize, but you try to use that opportunity to seduce me?! I thought you were different! You are just like the rest!"

These words rang across the room, making Liz's mind go blank as she struggled to understand that she was actually the one being screamed at by the CEO- the man who had been speaking amiably to her just a few minutes ago.



Hey guys, first of all, thank you for all the kind words in the comments and the reviews, and all the power stones. We got to Top 30, so the promised 4 bonus chapters will be released next.

First, I would like to address the topic of the number of chapters.

If you've noticed, I've increased the number of chapters from 7 to 10, and this is actually the 10th chapter of the week. I work full time, so this is the number I'm most comfortable with. Still, I will definitely look into increasing it more in the future.

Things were really hectic this week, hence, I've had to release chapters at odd times. From next week, I'll make sure that releases are more orderly.

Secondly, about the review section.

I see so many glowing reviews, but the ratings are so low: some are even 3-3.5 stars, and many are around 4 stars.

As an author who wants to listen and improve, this is really demotivating for me, guys. The rating has plummeted, and it is just sad to see this.

Guys, please either let me know how I can improve, or give some constructive criticism for the low rating. It is just my humble request, and I hope all my awesome readers will honor it.

Thank you for reading so far, and we still have a long way to go. Like I mentioned in the synopsis, you will be following Liz's journey through a lot of things. We are just getting started… 





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