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Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 36 

(Dinner 4)

Maggot cheese?!

Although Liz didn't know exactly what it was, the name itself revolted her for some reason. The menu was the type where there were pictures of the dishes along with the long names, so she turned it forward and almost vomited with disgust.

"Umm, no, I'm good."

"Ok. What would you like to eat?"

Hearing the blunt question, Liz wondered again just why this dinner was taking place at all. It seemed that she had no other option but to wait and find out.

If there was one thing she prided herself on, then it was her decisiveness in choosing food.

After quickly rifling through the menu again, she said, "I'll have the Chicken risotto."

Nodding, the CEO pressed a button on the table, making a waiter magically appear beside their table in just a few seconds.

In fluent Italian, the CEO made the order.

Of course, Liz wasn't able to understand even a little bit of what he said.

The only thing she had caught was the bottle of wine he had ordered, a Domaine Leroy Chambertin Grand Cru 1990

Which cost around 8,000 dollars.

Liz only knew this name and this fact due to a TV show that Derek loved to watch. Remembering the little munchkin and wondering what he was doing right now, she waited for the CEO to be done ordering.

After a few more seconds, the waiter left, and an awkward silence returned to the table.

The wine was served, and Liz took a sip but had to resist the urge to spit it out.

This was because she had never actually tasted red wine before, but she had been curious about the taste. She always did love to experiment and try out new stuff.

Seeing her face of revulsion, the CEO said, "Red wine requires an acquired taste. I had the same face when I had it for the first time."

"Oh? When was that?"

"I don't recall, exactly."

By now, Liz was getting frustrated. The conversation was getting nowhere, and she constantly had to fight and keep the cold expression on her face instead of smiling wide at the CEO who looked especially dashing today.

"You did really well in the case with the Mayor."

Finally perking up at finding something to talk about, Liz said, "Thank you. Were you listening in using the tablet?"

Although she had resolved to be professional and "result-oriented" like he had asked, she was curious about this.

"Yes. It is standard protocol to test new employees. Unlike what I said, it is not just results that matter. Even the path taken to get to that result is important. One P.A, in a similar situation, offered a sexual favor because she had guessed that it was a test. Of course, she was made to leave."

Seeing the CEO finally speak more than a single sentence, Liz sighed with relief.

Although she was surprised at whoever this employee had been, she had heard about such cases before.

As for the path being important, why hadn't it come into play when he had scolded her before?

"Why did you say so to me, then?"

"I-don't know. Maybe I shouldn't have. But at the end of the day, even I am judged by the results I bring to the table."

Wait…was he actually apologizing in his own way?

Although the CEO hadn't gotten to it yet and said the words, his tone had the slightest tint of regret which Liz had managed to catch.

The possibility of this happening itself perked her up, making her forget everything again as she smiled and said, "I'm sure you have no problems in appeasing the shareholders. The papers say that they treat you like a God, because you constantly fill their pockets with money."

With a small smile, the CEO answered, "The papers exaggerate. I just do my job well. If they knew what my Father said about my work, they would have a field day."

Feeling the atmosphere between them begin to get better, Liz, for some reason, felt a unique happiness be born inside her.

Just as she was about to lean forward and ask just what his father said, the waiter who was serving the food accidentally knocked her water glass over.

"I'm sorry, Miss!", he said with panic, hurriedly moving aside.

In a good mood, Liz just said, "It's all right. Where's the ladies' room?"

"Go out and ask the one posted there, they will lead you to it."

The CEO was the one who answered. Nodding, Liz smiled and said, "I'll be right back,", before exiting the room

Meanwhile, in the corridor that Liz had just entered.

Jenny, who was in the last private booth in the sloping row, watched Liz as she asked someone and started to go towards the washroom.

Realizing that now was her chance, she grinned to herself, anticipating what was to come, before heading in the same direction. 



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