Wednesday, 12 February 2020


Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 34 

(Dinner (2)

New York, 63rd Street, St. Augustus Avenue.

Containing some of the most high-profile restaurants in the entire city, this entire street looked glamorous and glossy with all the artistic entrances of the many restaurants and stores that one saw when walking through.

Among them was Les Avantis, an Italian restaurant that was famed as one of the earliest establishments to have ever been set up in the city. Although it had been renovated multiple times, it only shined more now like an unearthed diamond that is polished multiple times to reveal its true beauty.

For common people, reservations needed to be made months in advance. Even for those who ran businesses or had some amount of power, this was not a place where they could throw their weight around.

This was because this was a place where those from the very top echelons of the government and the business world frequented.

As Liz arrived with Rao in the S-class and got off at the entrance, she felt for once that the car she had gotten out of nothing special.

Parked on the curb were multiple Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bugatis which outstripped the price of the S-class by many times.

Sighing at this display of wealth even before she entered the restaurant, Liz looked down to arrange her dress.

She was wearing a beautiful beige fishnet gown with lace at the bottom and top. Although the actual dress was cut at above the knees and also exposed quite a bit of her cleavage at the top, the lace prevented this from being seen.

It had arrived by mail to her house and was labeled with her name, while the sender's address wasn't written. Yet, there was a card inside that read "Dress for dinner with the CEO."

Liz, who had spent the entire day behind a desk learning about the typical duties of a P.A like taking his calls and becoming familiar with his schedule, had been exhausted when she had gotten home at 5.

After brewing herself some coffee to freshen up, she had taken out this dress but had been a little puzzled as she hadn't received any information that she would be sent something like this.

The dress was actually very pretty, and although Liz thought it was too revealing and was usually uncomfortable wearing such things, she had adjusted due to the lace.

Still, she fidgeted with it as she stood on the carpet that led to the restaurant.

As she looked around, she noticed that others were wearing dresses even more over the top, such as gowns with long trains. One woman was even wearing a tiara that seemed to be made out of diamonds.

Feeling quite out of place, Liz sighed and started to walk inside with slow steps due to the heels she was wearing.

She honestly hadn't known what to think about the whole thing. On the one side, Liz was still very angry with the CEO about the tirade she had had to endure for doing nothing wrong.

On the other, there was just something about this man that kept pulling and pushing her. It was this something that had always managed to unnerve her in all the times they had met so far.

In fact, Liz herself was very curious to find out what this something was. Hence, she told herself that it was this curiousness that was making her follow along with this dinner thing without raising any objections(of course, she never considered whether she was in a position to raise them in the first place.)

Of course, she was also quite resolved to stay cold and see what the CEO had to say.

Actually, there was even a thought in the back of her mind that this was just a client meeting, and she was here in a professional capacity.

Shaking her head and stopping herself from thinking too much again, Liz adjusted her hair which she had carefully curled one last time before entering the restaurant.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the road.

A woman wearing a knee-cut red dress had her eyes fixed on the doors into which Liz had just entered.

She was wearing a large round matching red hat that she carefully angled to hide her face from everyone around her. If Liz could have seen under it, she would have realized that this was actually Jenny, the receptionist.

After seeing Liz walk in by showing an invitation card and look around searching for the CEO, a nefarious smile appeared on Jenny's face.

"Hehehe. You bitch, you dared to step over me? Now let's see how you react when the CEO sees that you are nothing more than another skank who is after his money."

Chuckling to herself, she crossed the street and flashed a card before entering the restaurant behind Liz. 



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