Tuesday, 11 February 2020


Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 33 

(Dinner (1)

"Target has moved into the new house. Surveillance is impossible as the house has Z-rated security. For now, we have eyes on the target's movements, and we are also tracking those who are close to the target."

"Damn them. The fact that she was moved to THAT house instead of the one where we had surveillance ready means that that bastard CEO must be aware of our plans. Take care not to miss any details, and contact me the moment you find something we can use."

Nodding, the black-clothed man cut off the connection and walked to the window of his building to look at the house on the other side of the road through a slit.

He had thought that this would be an easy job, but he had been shocked when he saw the hidden high security of the villa where the P.A of the CEO of Happle had been moved to. Even his current location wasn't very safe, as all the houses around the P.A's were being monitored.

If he wasn't one of the top infiltrators in the world, there was no way that anyone could have managed to do what he did. Still, there wasn't much information to glean from just looking at the house from the outside.

Walking back to the table, he opened a large file in which there were different bunches of documents. Each detailed the life history of each of the secondary targets they had named, such as Mary, Luke, and Rao.

While keeping an eye on the monitor which showed an image of Liz's house, the man settled into a sofa and reading the file again.

For his mission, he had to understand everything about her.

And the first step to doing so was understanding those around her.


Meanwhile, on a rooftop over 50 kilometers away.

Holding binoculars in his hands, a hooded man was watching the window through which the black-clothed man had observed Liz's house till now.

Although it looked like a pair of binoculars, there was an augmented reality lens inside that let him zoom in more than almost any other piece of equipment on the civilian market. As one of Happle's inventions which it sold to the military, its job was to keep an eye on enemy installations without letting them notice.

After doing so for a little time, the man removed his hood to reveal a middle-aged face with dark skin.

If Liz were here, she would have recognized him as the jovial chauffeur who drove her to work.

"We have the infiltrator under watch. He will not be able to bring harm to Miss. Liz."

As he spoke into a cellphone while getting off the building, the CEO's voice could be heard coming from the other side.

"Good. I expected our rivals to make this move. The deal is too important; they aren't leaving any stone unturned."

Hearing this, Rao nodded before asking something with a hesitant expression on his face.

"Sir, should I tell Miss. Liz about the situation?"

After a brief silence, the CEO answered.

"No. It will cause nothing but additional panic. I will tell her after the deal is done. With all the precautions, nothing untoward will reach her anyway. Keep me notified if there are any sudden movements."

"Got it, boss."

Getting off the building, Rao started walking to his home.

Tomorrow was a work day, so he would have to wake up early to chauffeur his most favorite person that he had been charged to protect yet.


Waking up early the next morning with the help of several alarms, Liz smiled lazily on remembering the day before.

Luke had stayed all day, and the family had almost finished unpacking with his help. They had chosen to order pizza from a famous pizza chain at night, hence, dinner was also nice.

Brushing her teeth, Liz opened the tablet that she had charged the night before to find an e-mail from the CEO himself waiting for her.

Reading it, she almost dropped the toothbrush on the ground because her jaw had dropped due to the contents.

"I will not be coming in today, too. Make your way to the office where you will have training about the regular duties of a personal assistant. At 6: 30 pm, you are expected at Les Avantis on the 63rd Street, as you are being taken out for dinner."

What…the hell? 





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