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Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 32

After blinking a few times and getting the water out of his eyes, Luke turned around to see Liz scurrying away in the water.

Not realizing that something was wrong, he playfully swam towards her before grasping her by the waist and pushing her back to the center of the pool as she had clearly been trying to get to the ladder to leave.

"What's wrong, Captain? Why not have a little dip?"

Yet, even as he said these words, he realized that something was wrong on hearing Liz's startled yelp.

Instead of retorting, she actually had her hands on her breasts and was trying to turn around to show her back to Luke.

Of course, as she turned around, he got a glimpse of something poking out of her shirt.

Realizing what it was, he coughed surreptitiously before also turning around and shouting, "Mary! Can we get a towel, please?"

Hearing this, Liz blushed even further as she realized that Luke must have definitely seen what she was trying to hide.

As an awkward silence descended over the pool with both of them standing in the water with their backs to each other, Mary walked over with the towel in her hands.

Seeing this, Liz quickly exited the pool before snatching the towel and covering herself.

Glancing around at Luke who had started to whistle as if to show that everything was fine, she humphed and said, "If you're done swimming, get to the room! Those boxes really won't open themselves!"

As Mary looked between them and noticed the awkward silence, she realized what must have happened and sighed with a smile.

Reaching her room, Liz banged the door shut and locked it before quickly scurrying to the bathroom and taking everything off to take a shower.

As she scrubbed herself, she cupped her breasts in her hands and scolded the poor little things for placing her in the awkward situation before.

Of course, they weren't as little as they had used to be when both of them with kids.

Hearing the knock on the door indicating that Luke had arrived, she shouted, "One second!" and used the towel to dry herself quickly before putting on some pyjamas and another loose shirt-this one much looser than the other.

Opening the door, she watched as Luke smiled the same smile he always had whenever he was hoping inside that she wouldn't bring up what had just happened.

He was holding the Lizwich that she had put somewhere in the house when chasing him in his hands, the sight of which made her stern face relax as she took it and resumed eating while sitting back on the bed.

Seeing this, Luke sighed with relief and reached the box nearest to him to begin unpacking.

After finishing up the Lizwich, she actually joined in on the unpacking.

The silence still stayed, but both of them were busy taking stuff out and placing them in the room.

Around an hour or so later, Luke held the dream-catcher that he had given Liz so many years ago and smiled.

"You want to throw this thing away? I can make a much better one for you.", he asked, although he didn't know himself why he had gotten this question in his mind.

The answer made him smile wide and hang it on the window, where the breeze made the tingling of the cans echo throughout the room.

"Some things and some people you keep forever, Luke. Place it on the window.", she had said, smiling herself and feeling happy about being with those that had made her who she was.

Meanwhile, in the office of the CEO.

Jenny, the receptionist that had been brought down a notch by Liz, almost jumped in her seat on seeing that the CEO was calling her even though he had his day off.

Quickly moving to a silent waiting room, she picked up before breathily saying, "Good morning, Mr. Will! What can I do for you?"

As she always did every time she heard his voice, Jenny began to daydream about getting closer to the man who was also voted as the hottest CEO in New York. As for his cold attitude, for some women like her, it only made him more attractive.

"Confirm the reservation Les Avantis for two, and send the invitation to Elizabeth to attend dinner with me."

Hearing this, her daydream was wiped away as she gritted her teeth, remembering the woman who had been haunting her dreams for the past few days.

"Did you get me?"

"Yes, Mr. Will. It will be done. Anything else?"

"That's it for now."

Hearing the phone click, Jenny squeezed it in her hand until her hands turned red.

He was actually taking her out to dinner?!

What did he see in her??

With her face twisted into an expression of anger, she started to hatch a plan against the woman who had no place being in this office, much less being the P.A of THE William Bradshaw. 



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