Monday, 10 February 2020


Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 31

Reaching her old cellphone, Liz saw that it was an unknown number. Picking up, she heard the voice of someone familiar.

"Good morning, Miss Elizabeth. It's Jenny, I'm calling to let you know that your official ID and company-issued cell phone will be sent by the end of today. I hope you are liking everything about your new home. If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to make a call."


Hearing the rushed message and the tone that came afterward, Liz took the phone from her ear and stared at it for a few seconds.

Had the woman actually…hung up on her because she didn't want to talk to her?

Chuckling, Liz patted herself on the back for putting the receptionist in her place. Her voice had been much more subdued, and she hadn't even wanted to speak to Liz.

Checking the messages, she walked toward the door before bumping into something strong but soft.

It was Luke. Because of being this close, she smelt the scent that had gotten familiar to her over the years.

Although Luke was a cook, he enjoyed baking. The mixed aroma of the various foods he had come into contact with was always something that Liz loved to breathe in.

Also, underpinning this aroma was a hint of something subtle.

Although she couldn't put it into words, if she had to describe it, Liz would call it the smell that came with being home.

Whenever someone has a long day of work, they would go back home and breathe in deep, enjoying the smell that signified that they were someplace where they could relax to their heart's content.

That was Luke for her.

"Hey! Mary said you can use some help unpacking, so Cadet Luke is reporting for duty, Captain!"

Combing back his hair in a comical fashion, Luke saluted to Liz who burst out laughing and said, "Ahoy, matey! Get to work! Snap Snap! Those boxes aren't going to open themselves!"

Saying so, Liz grinned at Luke and walked to her bed before sitting down and chomping down on the Lizwich.

As she closed her eyes with pleasure and let the cheese drip down her lips, she felt a shirt smack her in the face, making her open her eyes indignantly.

Taking it off, she saw Luke calmly opening a box while whistling.

As if feeling her glare on his back, he turned around with an innocent expression on his face and said, "Oh? You are using the shirt as a napkin? Real intuitive, Captain!"


Still holding the Lizwich, Liz started to chase after Luke who took off running after laughing maniacally.

As they raced down the stairs and made the house resound with their accusations and laughter, Mary smiled on seeing this sight.

After they made a circuit around the house, Derek, who had skipped school today and was sleeping in, also woke up and joined in on the fun.

Yet, he couldn't decide whose side he was on, so he ended up switching between both and antagonizing the other.

Finally, the trio found themselves on the wooden deck beside the pool.

All of them were bent over and panting, and Liz had already placed the Lizwich somewhere in the house in order to use her hands to propel her forward faster.

As Liz and Luke both caught their breath at the same time, they looked behind them at the pool and at each other.

"Luke, no!"

"Is the captain afraid of getting wet?"

"Don't you dare!"

"But what if I do?"

"You don't…"

"I do, though…. Who wanted to sit and eat, eh?"

"I was going to help later on!"

"Ya, right…you would have eaten slowly till I was done. Guess who did that last time?"

"Not me!"

"Well then, maybe a cold dip will jog your memory!"

This back and forth conversation took place between them while Luke moved closer and closer to Liz with his arms stretched out.

Meanwhile, Liz had been backing away steadily.

Finally, with the last sentence, Luke laughed aloud and caught her near her waist before pushing her towards the pool.

Of course, not in any mood to forfeit, Liz struggled as hard as she could.


It was a little hand that made all the difference.

Derek, who was watching all along, had run forward and pushed them both.

Looking into each other's eyes with surprise, Liz and Luke both tumbled into the pool before sputtering and shivering due to the cold water.


Seeing both of them unite and shout at him together, the little devil giggled before running back into the house.

Meanwhile, Liz realized something quite disconcerting.

Something was poking out of her shirt, and looking down, she saw that it was her nipples which had stood up due to the cold.

Diving deep, she tried to hide and swim away from Luke, who hadn't realized this fact yet. 





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