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Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 26


The first thing that Liz experienced when the CEO made this movement was his scent.

It was unlike any she had ever smelt before. For some reason, it reminded her of her favorite smell: that which came when the first raindrops hit the earth.

Unconsciously, she took a deep breath before the meaning of the CEO's words hit her.

He had been listening to her the whole time?!

Immediately, she understood that this must have been some sort of test.

The culprit was definitely the tablet, which was the only equipment she had with her.

Unorthodox tests were common in the business world. In an age where education was being interpreted as bookish knowledge more and more, people were resorting to dropping potential employees in certain situations in order to test their way of thought.

Although she knew this, what Liz didn't like was being spied upon without her knowledge.

Tests were typically in a way where the test-taker would at least know some things before going in. They would be aware that their job hung on the outcome of the test.

As for her, she had had 0 information. Completely depending on her own observational skills, she had managed to salvage the broken deal.

If she had been told about it, she would at least have prepared herself in some way.

Of course, Liz also knew in her subconscious that this might just be the way Happle's top employees were chosen.

Still, she couldn't stop herself from becoming thoroughly disgruntled.

She just hated being blind-sided.

Oh, so she had 'earned' it?

Well, then, she would make full usage of her 'earnings'!

Even as the CEO sat beside her and ate gracefully using a knife and a fork, Liz ignored his presence and loaded her plate with everything she could reach.

In a few seconds, she had gotten two of everything except the dessert items, which she left for later.

First, she took a bite of the cheeseburger without caring for the cheese that got on her lips and face.

A juicy patty. Fresh vegetables. Sumptuous cheese. And buns baked to perfection.

The first bite itself melted her disgruntlement and reminded her that she had a stomach to feed which had been starving for quite some time.

Finishing both in under 2 minutes, she moved to the ribs.

Either because of the skill of the chef or the quality of the meat(or both), the ribs were indeed so perfectly cooked that the bones slid off with the slightest pull.

As the meat entered her mouth, she found herself involuntarily licking her lips and going for more.

This was because the sauce and the ribs mixed together in such sublime harmony that they seemed like a match made in heaven.

The only regret was that there was too little in her mouth, so she had swallowed it before even completely savoring their taste.

Hence, Liz dug into the ribs while the other two men kept shooting glances at her.

Each item of food made her put on such a pure expression of contentment and satisfaction that those watching actually enjoyed their own food more, because they knew that it was tasty enough to elicit such pure joy from someone.

All too soon, her plate was empty, prompting her to reload with gusto.

It was only then that she noticed the odd looks she was receiving and the silence that had pervaded the table till now.

There she was, with her hands almost reaching the plate of ribs her lips covered with cheese and barbecue sauce.

"Very…tasty.", she said, feeling that she had to say something in this situation.

Inside, Liz was cursing herself for losing control.

This was how she usually reacted when she became unhappy with something: by giving in to her wants and ignoring everything else.

And right now, it seemed that it had landed her in a soup.

Seeing her freeze, the Mayor finally let out the laugh he had apparently been holding in for a long time.

"HAHAHA! Finally, someone who eats food the way its meant to be eaten! Let me copy you! Mr. Will, I invite you to do so too!"

Saying so, he threw aside his own fork and knife and dug into the ribs, just like Liz.

"I had a heavy breakfast, so you two can indulge yourselves. Excuse me while I go to the men's room.", said the CEO, getting up and walking out.

As Liz wondered whether she had crossed some line, she licked at her lips again, trying to stop her stomach from demanding more of the food.

"Excuse me. Even I need to go to the ladies room."

Saying so, she rubbed at her mouth with a napkin and followed behind the CEO. 



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