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"Melting My CEO'S Heart" Episode 23

Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 23 

(meeting the mayor 5)

It was like each word Liz said caused tremors in the Mayor's mind, making it go blank as he realized their meaning.

He could finally…see Betty again?

Just the chance itself made him ecstatic, hoping that it would happen soon.

Yet, he remembered the actions of Happle before, where it had obtained possession of the land from him unlawfully.

Liz observed these thoughts go through the Mayor's mind.

As someone who was in possession of such a high position, he definitely wasn't dumb.

Before trusting someone, anyone would always be reminded of the history of dealings with them.

Right now, Liz represented Happle, so she could also be held responsible for what had happened before.

Hence, before he even asked the question, Liz spoke first.

"I am prepared to personally sign a document that I will resign my job as the personal assistant to the CEO of Happle, Inc. if I do not keep the deal I just proposed. Would you trust me then?"

The position of the personal assistant of such an influential person was definitely one of the best jobs on the market. Yet, she was prepared to let it go to assure him that she would keep her end of the deal?

As someone who had been in the government for a long time, the Mayor also knew that Happle had a lot of clout which it could use to get the approval. He had just wanted to do everything in his power to stop that place from being demolished, so that he would at least not have the regret later that he didn't even try.

Knowing this, he wondered why the woman in front of him was going to such lengths to convince him.

He knew that there was the possibility that she had been offered a huge bump in salary or some other perk if she managed to finish the deal.

Yet, he felt that this wasn't the case, mainly because he had seen something in this woman's eyes when she proposed him the deal.

Although the blind hope inside him which had been born the moment he listened to her words urged him to say yes immediately, he couldn't help but wonder what that something had been.

Hence, resisting against that urge temporarily, he said, "First, take a seat. I apologize that I was rude, I shouldn't have reacted so vehemently. I am inclined to trust you and take your deal, but I have one question to ask. Why do you want to go to such lengths to help me in this manner? And don't tell me it is just for some monetary benefit. I saw something in you when you spoke about it. I wish to know what that was."

Now, it was Liz's turn to sputter briefly before sighing and sitting down.

She had always had a problem with hiding her true feelings, and she realized that that problem had probably surfaced now.

Indeed, when she was proposing the deal before, there was another thing that had run through her mind.

Taking a few seconds, she first breathed deeply to relieve herself from the exertion of thinking and deducing so quickly.

After making sure her breath was even, she spoke in a neutral tone.

"I…know the regret that someone feels when they wish that they had spent more time with a family member that passed away. I wasn't able to spend much time with my maternal grandparents before she passed away. Maybe if I could live that period again… I might have chosen to spend my time differently. I don't want Betty to feel the same if I can do something about the matter."

Hearing her answer, the Mayor tapped his finger on the desk for a few seconds.

Then, pulling out a drawer, he took out a piece of paper before using one of the fountain pens on the desk to sign it with a flourish.

After stamping it with a seal that was also in the same drawer, he pushed it in front of Liz.

"We have a deal I realize that I don't even know your name, Miss –"

Seeing the document that Happle had tried so hard to obtain in front of her, Liz smiled happily, feeling proud of her own accomplishment.

Realizing that she was leaving the Mayor hanging, she gave him the answer, but her tone now seemed to have an extra confidence added to it.

The confidence of one who had done her job well.

"Elizabeth Redmaine, P.A. to Mr. William Bradshaw."


Meanwhile, in the limousine, the CEO whose name she had just spoken was listening to the entire conversation on his phone.

As he heard her say these last words, his eyebrows rose as he realized that he had probably gotten a P.A that might actually be staying for some time.

"She's different.", he thought to himself, before closing the broadcast and asking the chauffeur to drive him back to the Mayor's residence. 





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