Thursday, 6 February 2020

"Melting My CEO'S Heart" Episode 22

Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 22 

(meeting the mayor 4)

This uncharacteristic outburst by the Mayor who had only had a kind-hearted smile till now startled Liz. 

Clearly, this was a matter that effected him greatly. They had used loopholes to steal the land? Could it be true? 

Whatever the facts about the matter were, Liz had to continue the negotiation assuming that this was true. After all, huge companies did have powerful lawyers who pounced on loopholes if there were any. 

While the Mayor's hands still shakily pointed at her, she calmly collected her thoughts and said, "Regardless of whether we used a loophole or not, we own the land right now by law. By not giving your approval, you are abusing your power. After your term is over , I doubt your replacement will do the same. If it is something that will happen eventually, why not let it happen now?" 

Mayors were, after all, elected officials. Whatever this personal reason was that was stopping the Mayor, Liz knew that the chances were high that the next one wouldn't act the same. As for the possibility of this man being re-elected, she felt that it was unlikely because of his age. 

It seemed that she had pointed out the crucial thing regarding the matter, as the Mayor had widened his eyes on listening to what she said. His lips quivered for a few moments as he was trying to find a retort, but he collapsed back on his chair and held his head between his hands with his elbows on the desk. 

A few seconds of silence ensued, during which Liz actually felt a little guilty for pushing this man who she knew must usually be sweet. 

Yet, when it came to companies this big, business was all about ignoring feelings. 

Although Liz knew this, she couldn't help but keep glancing at the pictures, trying to decipher the story behind them. 

She was interrupted by a few words murmered by the Mayor under his breath. 

"Betty… I won't let them take away the last place I have left as your memory." 

As if making a decision, he raised his head, with his face now filled with an expression of determination. 

"There is still an year before I'm up for reelection. I'll stop you till then. After that, I'll stand again for office even if the campaigning kills me. If it does kill me, know that you are the reason for my death. Now get out." 

These words shocked Liz, who had just been trying to figure out what the words the Mayor had whispered meant. 

After telling her to get out, he had taken the second picture into his hands and was looking at it with an expression of both fondness and sadness on his face. 

Clearly, it was the face of someone who missed something he loved so much. 

Knowing that forcefully staying would only mean demeaning herself, Liz slowly got up and started making her way to the door. 

Was this it? Had she truly failed in her first assighnment itself? 

Unable to accept this, she rifled through each and every action of the Mayor since she had arrived. 

Suddenly, just before she got to the door, it finally clicked. 

"Betty is your granddaughter, isn't she?", she asked, turning around and making the Mayor look up with an agitated expression on his face. 

"Yes, so? I asked you to get out." 

"Oh, I was just going. I only thought that it's sad that you are clinging onto the memories you have of her instead of making new ones. I'll go now." 

Just as Liz turned around again and was about to leave, she heard the Mayor getting up again and shouting, "STOP RIGHT THERE! How do you- you did a background check on me, didn't you? How DARE you speak about us without knowing anything?" 

With her back turned to him, a small smile lit up Liz's face as she realised that her deduction was correct. 

Going through everything again, she turned towards the Mayor and let out a tirade of statements which left him sputtering. 

"I know that your granddaughter doesn't want to spend time with you anymore. I know that that house that we want to demolish is where she grew up with you. I know that you love her very much and miss her, but you don't want to force yourself into her life. So you wish to preserve those memories along with the house. Let me tell you, Mr. Mayor, that's what someone who doesn't truly care about someone does. If you listen to me and give the approval, I'll make sure you reunite with your granddaughter and make new memories so that you can feel happy in the present instead of wallowing in the past. Now, do we have a deal?" 




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