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"Melting My CEO'S Heart" Episode 20

Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 20 

(meeting the mayor 2)

The location of the "Office of the Mayor" was surrounded by greenery. Multiple flowerbeds had blooming flowers which resulted in an aromatic scent permeating the air. Liz kept breathing in, enjoying this location more and more and wishing that she could take a walk here every day.

Meanwhile, beside her, the CEO had just taken out his cell phone to attend a call. Seeing that he had actually stopped on the way, Liz also stopped happily and enjoyed the moment.

A light breeze sent the strands of her hair which had fallen out of her bun flying, making her tuck it back in as she interestedly looked around everywhere.

She loved traveling, and whenever she was in a new place, she just loved to look around and take everything in.

In fact, it was only now sinking in completely that she had actually taken a private jet on the first day of her work. Could anyone else's first day come even close?

Before, her main emotion had been mostly shock and awe, so she hadn't had the time to take a moment and just…appreciate.

She was truly thankful for whatever it was that the CEO had seen in her to offer her the job and even change the package to the highest one.

Although she didn't know exactly what she was, she resolved to work as hard as she could and put everything into making sure that she would never disappoint this man who had placed his trust in her. No matter what challenge came her way, she would tackle with a single-minded determination.

While she was thinking such thoughts, she had no idea that a huge challenge was already approaching her right now.

It came in the form of her boss, who had a frown on his face as he walked up to her and said, 
"Something urgent has come up. You need to handle this deal and close it at any cost. Remember, you represent me. You've seen me in action, so act as I would. Here, this will help you."

Taking out another envelope from his inner jacket, Mr. Will handed it to Liz whose jaw was slowly dropping open with shock.

As she instinctually raised her hand and took the envelope, he said "Good luck. A car will be waiting to take you back after you are done." in that same stoic tone and turned around before walking away to the limousine.

Even as she saw him get on and drive away, the expression of shock didn't leave her face. Her eyes were wide open, and her eyebrows were as high up on her head as they could go.

"Miss? The Mayor is waiting."

It was only a few seconds later that she was finally shaken out of her shock by the meek voice of a peon who was standing in front of her and looking like he was worried whether she was all right.

What the ?!!!

She had to handle the deal herself? She represented him, so she should do what he would?

What in hell was that even supposed to mean!

Liz had indeed been ready to tackle challenges, but this one was basically like asking someone without legs to climb Mount Everest.

Realizing that her only saving grace was probably the envelope in her hand, she hastily opened it but received another nasty shock.

There was nothing inside!

Was this a joke?

She was supposed to go into a negotiation with only the most rudimentary of information and was even expected to close the deal?

Just as Liz was about to start hyperventilating due to the pressure of the situation, the peon spoke again.

"Mr. Will has informed us that your words are the same as his. The Mayor is displeased, but he is willing to speak. Personally, I would advise not to make him wait further."

These words snapped her to attention. Indeed, it was not wise to make such a figure wait.

Yet, she needed a moment to gather her thoughts.

Going into her mode of high focus again and blocking everything else out, Liz recalled every conversation she had had about this Mayor.

Although she gleamed nothing new, this holistic approach of viewing everything at least calmed her down and allowed her to think about what to do.

The present store in the intersection of 4 lanes had to be demolished, and the Mayor was stopping it for some reason. She simply had to find out that reason and address it in the best way she could.

Putting one hand on her stomach and taking one last deep breath, Liz put on an expression as if she were going to war.

"Let's go.", she said before marching away in a particular direction.

Only, the voice of the peon behind her made her stop again and turn around with a flushed face.

"Miss, it's this way." 



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