Monday, 3 February 2020

"Melting My CEO'S Heart" Episode 17

Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 17 

(first day of work 6)

What in hell were they doing here?

The main evidence that this was a meat processing plant came from the numerous cows that could be seen being herded into the huge metal building in front of them.

As if completely unperturbed by the scene, the CEO said, "Let's go" before walking forward with two suited men as security.

After entering the plant, the smell of blood became even stronger. She had actually seen documentaries of places like these on TV, and she had once even gone on a vegan diet for a week when she read an article about the horrible conditions that animals were subjected to.

In the end, her love for food had won out, but she still took care to only buy meat from legitimate sources where it could be ensured that such practices weren't prevalent.

A worker who greeted Mr. Will and received no response led them to a room to the side near the entrance which was labeled "Manager."

This room was high up in the air, and they had had to climb a lift and ascent two floors before reaching it. Hence, Liz wasn't surprised when she saw the glass windows looking out over the entire plant where she could clearly spot all the intermediary steps of processing meat.

Choosing to not pay attention to this sight lest she threw up, she looked to the side to see a man sitting in the chair in front of a desk.

The sign which read 'Manager' was on the floor, while another man stood to the side with his face set into an expression of extreme fear.

As Liz had seen his picture before in the article she had read, she recognized that the man who was sitting was Mr. Sanders.

His legs were on the desk, while he smoked a cigar idly with his hands behind his back. His grey handlebar mustache and balding hair were a testament to his 52 years of age while his bulging tummy showed that he was an avid lover of his product.

Hearing Liz and the CEO arrive, he had only glanced at them and taken another deep puff at the cigar before closing his eyes and enjoying the feeling.

Blowing out the smoke in a perfect ring above his head, he set his legs down and got up, saying, "Welcome. How's your father doing?"

Shaking the hand that had been outstretched, Mr. Will said, "He's good. He asked me to see how close you were to the grave as you refuse to give up the habit of smoking."

His cold voice made Mr. Sanders chuckle. Taking the cigar out of his mouth, he knocked it against the ashtray before pointing with it at Liz and saying, "Oh, you got a new one! I wonder how long she will last."

"That's none of your business. I have a lunch meeting with the Mayor, so let's make this fast."

Liz, who had been listening with rapt attention, became slightly annoyed as she didn't like being talked about as if she were an object in the room.

Yet, keeping the annoyance off her face, she continued listening.

"As you say. There is no way I can sell that piece of land to you. It holds a lot of sentimental value as it was the first large investment I made. I've prospered since then! Hell, I may even consider it if it were anyone else. You Bradshaws are too arrogant for your own good. Go tell your dad Mr. Sanders sent you away with your tail between your legs."

Saying these harsh words, Mr. Sanders walked to the glass windows and looked out onto the plant, as if dismissing both of them.

Without a word, the CEO also followed to stand beside him.

"Do you know what the pity is about these animals? They do not know that the hand that feeds that is the one that takes their lives. Isn't that the same with you? Don't dismiss me so fast, Sanders. Listen to what I have to say, and I guarantee that you will be begging me to take that land in exchange for what I have. Oh, and by the way, my father doesn't even remember who you are. I only said those words before to sound polite. He wouldn't waste a neuron in his mind to save information about someone so… what's the word? Dumb." 





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