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"Melting My CEO'S Heart" Episode 13

Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 13 

(first day of work 2)

Hearing this, Liz didn't know what to say.

A private jet on her first day? Wasn't that a bit too.... extravagant?

Then again, Liz realized that she was now the personal assistant of the world's most valuable technology company.

Shifting her face to an expression of seriousness, she nodded before waiting for the CEO to finish this breakfast.

This was how she usually worked-when it was required, she would go into a serious mood where each and every task would have her complete focus.

Of course, the flip side was also true: when it was not required, Liz could be the laziest and most unfocused person in the world.

This trait of hers had mainly been formed because of being in high-pressure situations since childhood. During those times, she had had to put everything aside and work as if her life was on the line.

And this segregation had been the only thing which enabled her to keep a sane mind.

An awkward silence ensued after the CEO's statement, with Liz looking around not having anything to do while Will idly read the paper while taking bites of the pancakes which were starting to look more and more yummy as the minutes ticked by.

Indeed, Liz had only stuffed three cupcakes in her mouth before hurrying downstairs as she didn't want to be late. When she was offered the food before, she had declined as it seemed the appropriate thing, considering the fact that this was her first day at work with this man whom she wasn't acquainted with at all.

Yet, not being new to feeling hungry, Liz just ignored her stomach now after promising it that she would have a sumptuous dinner after getting back home.

Sadly, it seemed her stomach was indignated at not being fed properly both the night before and in the morning.


A sound like the roar of a newborn lion echoed through the room, making Liz avert her eyes with embarrassment while Will turned towards her with one eyebrow raised.

Thankfully, Liz was saved by the doorbell which rung at this moment to let the massive guard in.

Walking towards the CEO, he handed over a package before saluting and leaving.

Handing over the package to Liz, William got up and walked to the kitchen behind the counter.

Opening the package, Liz saw a state-of-the-art tablet which was switched on with a message that read, "Miss. Elizabeth Redmaine, please place your finger here."

After doing so on the indicated spot, the screen refreshed to read, "Welcome to your personalized tablet. Your face has been scanned. This tablet will only function when you are the one operating it."

Live 3D face scanning technology? Impressed at the implementation of this technology which currently wasn't on the market, Liz tapped "OK" before finding a few apps on the screen.



Special Contacts

Distress Signal

Emergency(Do not press without express permission from the CEO)

Reading the name of each app, Liz's eyes hovered on the last one.

She had never seen something like it, and had no idea what its purpose was. It couldn't be the emergency dialer for calling the police, as there was already a distress signal.

As her finger hovered over it, she heard a cold voice behind her that made her almost drop the tablet with shock.

"You must not touch that app if I don't say so. Well, you can try, but it won't open unless certain parameters are met. Our flight leaves in 30 minutes. There are pancakes waiting for you in the kitchen, if you wish, you can eat them and join me outside in precisely…5 minutes. I cannot have a grumbling stomach interrupt our meeting."

Leaving these words, he walked to the door before turning around and saying, "No eating on the way, because I only ask once. You should learn that if you are going to work with me."

With the tinkling of the bell, the CEO left the cafe, leaving Liz alone, dumbfounded.

What the hell? She was being punished for denying food before?

Why was their every interaction so… weird?

"4 minutes and 30 seconds remaining, Ma'am. You better hurry, he doesn't like it when people don't listen."

Jumping in shock for the third time in just a few hours, Liz turned around to see a Spanish apron-wearing man exit the kitchen and look at her with a smile on his face.

Comprehending the situation she was in, she ran to the kitchen as the man chuckled slightly to himself.


4 minutes later, Liz entered the car waiting outside, her mouth still stuffed with the hot pancakes.

She had actually worn an apron to avoid the crumbs from falling on her dress, so her appearance right now was downright comical.

It was a limousine, so William was sitting in front of her with that same neutral expression on his face while looking out the window.

Without even turning around after she sat, he said, "You missed a crumb on your face" before the car moved, taking them to the airport. 





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