Sunday, 23 February 2020


Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 56
(Destroying a company (4)

"Keren, you still haven't stopped your habit of wildly exaggerating everything? Miss Liz, meet my sister, the owner of this casino and the one who will be helping us during our stay here. When talking to her, always do what I do: take whatever she says with a grain of salt. No, make that many, many grains of salt, because she has this annoying character defect of loving to exaggerate everything."

"Ooh, my little brother is pissed! Alright, alright, I was exaggerating. But it's still true that –"

"Let's get to the matter at hand. Where's the meeting room I requested?"

Being cut off by the CEO like so, the woman who had just been called Keren smiled to herself before shooting a glance at Liz, who was still frozen due to the sudden hug and the words that she had heard.

Of course, this conversation made her realize that they weren't true, but she asked herself why they had made her feel so… blank.

Although she wished she had time to introspect and find out the reason, she heard Keren say "Follow me," before leading them through the casino.

Along the way, Liz was fascinated by the energy displayed in the people who were either losing or earning bucketloads of money in the blink of an eye. Most of the tables she passed through were ones with high buy-ins, and she noticed that one of them even had a minimum buy-in of € 10,000.

Understanding that this was a top-end casino, she was awed by the resources that one would need to run such a place.

It seemed that the apple really did not fall far from the tree, as even the sister of the CEO seemed to be someone with a very high capability just like him.

A few minutes later, the trio entered a conference room which had a projector set up. Along with it, there were also maps and files that were placed on the table.

"I've gotten everything you asked for. And like you said, it's all confidential. No one will know that you're operating from here, and no one will be able to spy on you. So, what's the plan? How are we going to take those bastards down?"

Hearing this last sentence, Liz realized that she was already liking this woman more than the CEO.

As if he could sense her thoughts, Will turn towards her and said, "Let's hear it. I hope you've used your time well."

Nodding, Liz tried to control the slight amount of nervousness that she felt at giving the first presentation since she had taken the job.

Connecting to the protector through Wi-Fi, she opened the presentation she had made on the tablet and ensured that it was displayed on the screen.

As the brother and sister took their seats, she started to speak.

"The foundation of Sylvex is the family with the same name who operates everything. According to the files that I was given, it is clear that this direction of the company is due to the leadership of their present Head, Joseph Sylvex. The Sylvex family has many branches, but it is unique in the fact that the Head is chosen by capability instead of what family branch they come from. First, all potential candidates with high IQ and capability are identified before they are given certain operations to take care of. The one who has the best performance is chosen as the Head for a term of five years. After five years, he or she must compete again with the same people as before, and the leadership during this competition time is placed in the hands of an interim group which is comprised of all previous Heads in the family. This is to ensure that the family is always led by someone who is at the top of their game, and who hasn't gotten prideful due to their high position. The five-year term of the present Head will end in a few days, after which the interim council will take over. The interim council will mostly not change the direction that the company is taking, so if we want to cripple this company, I think the best thing to do is to ensure that the next leadership position goes to someone who can be manipulated by Happle. In the long run, by making him take decisions that will secretly have a negative impact, the family can be destroyed. I believe that this is the best and safest course forward."

As Liz ended her speech, she looked at the two in front of her to realize that they both had surprised expression on their faces.

After sharing a glance between them which Liz couldn't decipher, the CEO said, "Well done. Your plan is almost perfect, and it might have been the one I would have gone with. But, the idea is to destroy them now, not sometime in the future. Sit down. This is what we are going to do."



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