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(Eight Years of Loving Him Was Like A Dream (8)

On that day, she had been extremely upset. She hadn’t been able to bear the thought that he had missed a date with her two times in a row.

She had been so upset that she couldn’t accept the truth. She had thought that as long as she kept calling, he would definitely pick up sooner or later, but until the night had fallen and the lights of the city glowed, the number he gave her still remained unreachable.

Finally, after having heard the mechanical female voice a million times, she was extremely disillusioned and had squatted down with the phone in her hand, crying desperately.

Although it had been in a dream, her crying was exceptionally clear, becoming even more and more clear, when finally Qin Zhi’ai was shaken awake by someone. “Miss? Miss?”

After a while, Qin Zhi’ai opened her eyes slowly and saw the housekeeper, who was standing by the bed worriedly.

Seeing her wake up, the housekeeper took a deep breath. “Miss, you really scared me to death. I noticed you don’t usually wake up this late, so I came to see you, but I only saw you crying.”

Qin Zhi’ai blinked, then raised her hand to wipe her tear-streaked face.

It turned out that the clear crying she had just heard was not just in her dream, but also in reality.

“Miss, were you crying over painful memories? Why were you so sad?” The housekeeper handed Qin Zhi’ai a cup of warm water.

Qin Zhi’ai took the cup and said her thanks to the housekeeper. After she drank half of the water, she answered, “No, just a nightmare.”

“What nightmare scared you like this?” The housekeeper was still curious.

Qin Zhi’ai didn’t respond to her this time, instead taking a look at the bright sunshine outside the window, which meant that it was nearly midday. She said, “I’m hungry, please go downstairs and prepare some food for me. I will come downstairs after I wash.”

Perceiving that she was unwilling to tell her anymore, the housekeeper didn’t continue to ask, but agreed and took the cup out of the bedroom.

After the housekeeper left, Qin Zhi’ai lay on the bed in a daze for a while, then rubbed her face, getting out of the bed and walking into the bathroom.

She hadn’t removed her makeup the night before, and she had also cried, so her face now was like a color pallette, a disaster that was unbearable to look at.

It took Qin Zhi’ai quite a long while to wash up. After she put on the eye makeup that Liang Doukou usually wore in front of the mirror, she stood up and walked downstairs.

Down on the first floor, she heard the voice of the housekeeper, so she glanced at her. The housekeeper was speaking on the phone.

“Miss Liang? She already woke up and looks fine, but I just went into her room, and she was crying… About what? She said she had a nightmare…”

Before she had completed her words, she suddenly saw Qin Zhi’ai coming down, so she said on the phone, “Mr. Gu, Miss Liang’s here, I’ll let you talk to her.”

Saying that, the housekeeper put the receiver in Qin Zhi’ai’s hand, giving her no chance to refuse.





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