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(Go As Far As You Can! (9)

He was sitting on a sofa in the corner, a cigarette in his hand, the flame between his fingers glimmering.

Faced with the laughter in the room, he remained emotionless, as if he wasn’t in the same world.

Qin Zhi’ai held her fork and stabbed the steak with her head down. A quick glance at Gu Yusheng reminded her of the scene of her standing under the scorching sun and waiting for him for over ten hours. Her eyes became wet, and she was about to cry.

He must have been in a very bad mood that day, for he kept smoking in silence, but he didn’t raise his head to look at anyone, nor did he know that she had come.

When the steak was almost finished, Xu Wennuan pointed to Gu Yusheng, whispering to Wu Hao, “Is he in a bad mood again?”

Wu Hao had drunk some wine, so he directly answered without thinking, “Brother Sheng must have been beaten by his father again.”

“Oh? Why?” Xu Wennuan asked. Qin Zhi’ai tried very hard to listen to the answer.

“His dad has been like this for years. When he gets home, he beats his mother and him badly. He once hit Brother Sheng on the head with an iron lock, he bled a lot…” Wu Hao suddenly stopped halfway through, then lowered his voice, saying, ” He doesn’t like people saying these things about his family. You’d better pretend you didn’t hear that, otherwise, if he hears us talking about it, he’ll get angry…”

After that, Wu Hao changed the topic. Qin Zhi’ai couldn’t help but turn her head to see Gu Yusheng, then increase the strength she used to hold her fork inexplicably hard.

The boy she liked looked as noble as a prince and had an enviable background, but she never knew that he had lived through such a traumatic experience.

That was the first time that she had felt sorry for him.

An episode happened when the get-together had almost ended.

The incident was originally caused by Jiang Qianqian and Xu Wennuan.

Yes, Liang Doukou’s cousin, Jiang Qianqian, was Wu Hao’s classmate and had liked him for three years, so she hated Xu Wennuan when she became his girlfriend.

That day, Jiang Qianqian had come with her brother who was popular in the high school, so she acted like a spoiled child. She was a bit drunk, so when the party had almost ended, she said dirty words to Xu Wennuan. “You’re such a b*tch, I want to tear your p**sy.”

Qin Zhi’ai was a typical daddy’s girl, and she had never said dirty words before, but Xu Wennuan was her best friend, so she retorted, “You’re the b*tch!”

Jiang Qianqian was totally irritated by Qin Zhi’ai.

She pounced on her without saying anything.

Thanks to Xu Wennuan’s quick reaction, she dragged Jiang Qianqian away from Qin Zhi’ai and wrestled her instead.



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