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(Go As Far As You Can! (6)

With a deathly pallor appearing on Qin Zhi’ai’s face, she clenched her fist involuntarily, making the pain in the wounds extremely sharp, and her body started to tremble uncontrollably.

“If you wanted to be my savior, I have no comment, but I’m telling you that I don’t care if you saved me.”

Qin Zhi’ai’s body crumbled, as if she would faint at any time.

Seeing that out of the corner of his eyes, Gu Yusheng held back the tough words on the tip of his tongue without thinking about it.

He realized that he had stopped speaking, creating a long silence.

He had a bad temper, and he knew that he never watched his tongue when he got angry at someone, but he had just stopped because of her… If he counted what he did in the car, it would be the second time that he had acted abnormally… Why the heck was he acting like this?

When Gu Yusheng became annoyed, he would chainsmoke. Out of instinct, he raised his hand to touch the pocket on his chest, only to realize that he had already thrown the cigarette case into the trash bin.

He must have been bewitched with the number of things that had gone wrong tonight… Gu Yusheng put his hands on his waist, annoyed, and looked around then strode away without looking back. He happened to see Zhou Jing stepping out of the elevator.

Fortunately, the driver had slammed on the brakes as soon as he saw someone standing in front of him. Although Qin Zhi’ai had crashed down, the wounds she had were just skin-deep, with some of them being a bit more severe. The most serious one was on the calf that Gu Yusheng had treated, and it was stitched up in the hospital.

It was already eleven o’clock at night when they made it out of the hospital. Zhou Jing drove Qin Zhi’ai back to Gu Yusheng’s villa.

When the car stopped, Qin Zhi’ai said goodbye and was about to open the door, but Zhou Jing suddenly shouted at her, “Miss Qin.”

Since Qin Zhi’ai had started disguising herself as Liang Doukou, to avoid mistakes, Zhou Jing had told all the staff to call Qin Zhi’ai “Miss Liang” or “Xiaokou,” even in private situations.

But this time, she suddenly shouted her real name politely, which stunned Qin Zhi’ai for a short while until she turned her head to look at Zhou Jing.

Zhou Jing smiled slightly and said, “It seems that Miss Qin still knows her real identity.”

Faced with the obvious meaning implied in her words, Qin Zhi’ai pressed her lips together wordlessly.

“Miss Qin, although you are Liang Doukou in the public’s eyes, you are not really her. When Xiaokou comes back, everything you have will be returned to her, so I hope you can keep that in mind. Don’t covet things that don’t belong to you.” After a pause, Zhou Wei, as she was afraid that Qin Zhi’ai didn’t get it, added, “In my memory, no matter how Xiaokou fought with Gu Yusheng, he never let her get in his car, let alone take her to the hospital.”





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