Tuesday, 4 February 2020

I Adore Him" Episode 47


Episode 47

(The Little Trick Being Seen Through (7)

She was frozen like she was undergoing acupuncture and had been poked in the right place.

After half a minute, she hadn’t responded, so Gu Yusheng had turned his head slowly and said, “How about three o’clock?”

In fact, she hadn’t understood the implied meaning of his words, but nodded mechanically when he asked her if she was okay with that.

Seeing her nodding, he rode away without saying anything.

She stayed downstairs like a sculpture for a while, then finally regained consciousness.


“How about three o’clock?”

She repeated his words a million times, then laughed.

He had accepted her invitation… Did that mean he had special feelings for her? If not, why would he take her home without asking her address?

At that moment, she ran back home delightedly, as if the world was hers. Even two days before their date, she opened her closet and began to choose which dress she should wear that day.

Even after so many years had passed, Qin Zhi’ai remembered clearly how happy she was at that time.

When she stared at the high school graduation photo of Gu Yusheng on the bedside table and thought of the night when she had held her blankets and laughed in her dreams, she couldn’t help but smile.

She didn’t realize that she reached out her hand to the graduation photo, but suddenly, someone grasped her wrist before her fingertips could reach the edge of the bedside table.

Qin Zhi’ai was shocked and moved her eyes from the photo to the hand on her wrist. She frowned, her eyes following the hand to an arm and seeing the indifferent face of Gu Yusheng.

She was stunned for a while, but sobered up in an instant when she saw the ginger tea in his hand.

Gu, Gu Yusheng, did he come upstairs to see me? When did he come in? Why did I hear nothing at all?

With these thoughts flashing through her mind, she suddenly remembered the earbuds in her ears.

She had never considered herself absent-minded. At this moment, she wasn’t sure if her reactions had been seen by him. If he had seen, he must have known that she was only pretending to be sick.

Qin Zhi’ai was frightened and pulled the earbuds out. Since she didn’t know when he had come in, she didn’t dare say anything. Although she tried very hard to look calm, her trembling fingers revealed her fear and anxiety.

The room remained silent for about half a minute. Qin Zhi’ai heard a subtle sound, then opened her eyes and saw him putting the cup on the bedside table.



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