Monday, 3 February 2020

"I Adore Him" Episode 45


Episode 45

(The Little Trick Being Seen Through (5)

Since Qin Zhi’ai was suffering so much, Jiang Qianqian had no reason to force her to stay, even though she was unwilling to let her go. Therefore, she had to figure out a new plan. “Sister Kou, are you okay? Do you need me to accompany you upstairs?”

Although Jiang Qianqian had talked to Gu Yusheng a few times because of Liang Doukou, they were still unfamiliar with each other. If Liang Doukou wasn’t present, she would have no chance to talk to him.

Qin Zhi’ai knew that she wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to accompany her upstairs to see if she could bump into Gu Yusheng.

If she agreed, then the little trick that she had managed to pull off would be wasted.

“No.” When Qin Zhi’ai was thinking about how to refuse her, she saw Nanny Zhang walking by with a serving tray, so she stopped Nanny Zhang without thinking, and smiled gently at Jiang Qianqian. “Qianqian, Nanny Zhang will take care of me, so there’s no need to bother you.”

Then she turned around and explained to Nanny Zhang, “Nanny Zhang, I feel a bit uncomfortable, please help me walk upstairs.”

While saying this, Qin Zhi’ai could see Jiang Qianqian out of the corner of her eye. She could feel the obvious anger in her eyes instead of her earlier bright smile.

Qin Zhi’ai didn’t care much and walked upstairs in the company of Nanny Zhang, her hands pressing on her stomach.

Qin Zhi’ai let Nanny Zhang leave as soon as they walked into Gu Yusheng’s and her bedroom in the villa, because menstrual pain was just her cover to avoid a trap set by Jiang Qianqian, and there would be lots of thing Nanny Zhang needed to do on grandfather’s birthday.

Nanny Zhang was very worried about her, asking her several times to make sure that it was just menstrual pain. She closed the door for her and went downstairs.

Since she had already pretended to be sick, she had to make it look more real, so she took her shoes off and went to bed.

The bed was so soft that she couldn’t help stretching out her body on it, although she was extremely tired after having waited for Gu Yusheng in the alley for hours.

It was noisy in the yard, so she couldn’t fall asleep, only laying with her eyes closed for a short time, then sitting up.

She rummaged out a pair of earbuds from her handbag and plugged them into her ears, then played soft music at random to block out the noise.

The whole world became quiet, with no noise but beautiful music.

She was relieved that at that moment, she no longer needed to maintain the relationships downstairs as Liang Doukou, nor see the wealthy wives show off how much their husband loved them or figure out how to protect herself when she got in trouble.

She smiled joyfully although she knew it was temporary.

Nanny Zhang was still worried about Qin Zhi’ai after she went downstairs, so she told the servant to make a cup of ginger tea with brown sugar for her.

When Nanny Zhang was about carry the tea upstairs, she ran into Old Master Gu, and he asked, “Xiaozhang, who’s upstairs?”

“It’s Mrs. Gu. She isn’t feeling well.”

“Xiaokou?” Old Master Gu frowned, looked around, and pointed to Gu Yusheng who was talking with someone, saying, “Let him take it upstairs and check if Xiaokou’s feeling better.”



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