Sunday, 2 February 2020

"I Adore Him" Episode 43


Episode 43

(The Little Trick Being Seen Through (3)

“Mrs. Gu looks so beautiful! Mr. Gu must love her very much and give her a lot of luxurious gifts.”

“That’s for sure. Mr. Gu’s business has been expanding for years. There’s no reason for him to give his beloved wife common gifts.”

“Mrs. Gu, the watch on your wrist must be a customized model, is it a gift from Mr. Gu?”

“No…” Just before, when they had been talking about their husbands, Qin Zhi’ai hadn’t known what to say to them. Now, faced with their direct questions, she didn’t know how to respond after shaking her head politely.

“Was this handbag a gift?”

Qin Zhi’ai shook her head again.

“Let me guess, the necklace?”

“In my opinion, it must be the earrings.”

“The bracelet?”

Obviously, these wealthy wives couldn’t imagine that Gu Yusheng had never given her any gifts, so they guessed all the things that Qin Zhi’ai was wearing, as if they were playing a guessing game.

The more they guessed, the more Qin Zhi’ai was embarrassed. She tried very hard to keep smiling and was about to answer that none of them was, when Jiang Qianqian, who had been standing there silently, suddenly saw Gu Yusheng a short distance away. He was in the middle of making small talk with someone. An idea came to Jiang Qianqian, and she tilted her head and shouted at Qin Zhi’ai with a perky smile, “Brother Sheng must have given Sister Kou a lot of things, she’s just embarrassed to say…”

After saying that, she leaned over to Qin Zhi’ai and whispered in a very low voice that only the two of them could hear, “Sister Kou, I saw Brother Sheng not far away, do you want me to call him over? If I tell him that you’re showing off to everybody here that all the things you wear are gifts from him, what do you think he’ll do…?”

Jiang Qianqian stopped and blinked at Qin Zhi’ai, then turned her head with an unusually bright smile and looked at Gu Yusheng.

Qin Zhi’ai had finally learned her real purpose from what she had just said.

She wanted to deal with her through Gu Yusheng. Whether Gu Yusheng would believe Jiang Qianqian or not didn’t matter, because she was the one that Gu Yusheng hated the most. Only when Old Master Gu was around would he suppress his hatred. But at this moment, Old Master Gu was not in the room, so if Jiang Qianqian really called him to come over, his disgusted face would simply show everyone that he didn’t love her at all. These people were clever.

Even though she lived under Liang Doukou’s identity, she didn’t want to be made a joke. What was more, if Gu Yusheng really believed what Jiang Qianqian said and the others didn’t stand up for her, he would be very angry with her.

However, before Jiang Qianqian could shout two words out, Qin Zhi’ai suddenly moaned, her body trembled, and she bent down with her hands pressing on her stomach.



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