Saturday, 1 February 2020

"I Adore Him" Episode 41


Episode 41

(The Little Trick Being Seen Through (1)

“Sister Kou?” The one who shouted was probably not sure if she was Qin Zhi’ai from the back, so her voice was somewhat uncertain and hesitant.

Why couldn’t she stay away from those she hated to see?

Hearing that voice, she got a headache as an instinctive physical reaction. She pretended not to hear her and sped up her pace, trying to escape from this troublesome situation as soon as possible.

However, the person who had shouted at her raised her voice and shouted “Sister Kou” again, leaving her no chance to walk away. Then she had walked towards Qin Zhi’ai with her high heels clattering more and more loudly with each passing second.

Now she couldn’t escape… Qin Zhi’ai frowned, then turned around with a smiling face and said, “Qianqian.”

“It’s really you, Sister Kou. I called your name several times, but you didn’t respond. I thought I had the wrong person,” Jiang Qianqian said, making an aggrieved face.

Qin Zhi’ai had met Jiang Qianqian several times under the identity of Liang Doukou, so she knew that she must have wanted to embarrass her with something she knew if she was talking to her directly.

She complained mentally that these two sisters had too much time to quarrel with each other, but still squeezed out a smile and said, “It’s a bit messy and noisy with so many people in the room, so I couldn’t hear you.”

She thought Jiang Qianqian would find issue with that, but this time, she was nice. “Well… yes, it’s noisy indeed.”

Saying that, she held Qin Zhi’ai’s arm as if she was afraid of her rejection, and led her towards the people that she just been chatting with. “Sister, we haven’t seen you for a long time, and we all miss you. Come over and chat with us.”

When she got closer to them, she finally realized that they were talking about their husbands.

“My husband went to France a few days ago and bought me a handbag. See, it’s ugly. These men have bad taste,” a chubby woman standing in front of Qin Zhi’ai pointed at her limited-edition handbag and said with a seemingly annoyed face. It was clear that her true purpose was showing it off.

“I thought only my husband had bad taste, but it turns out that they’re all the same. See, my necklace, the diamond’s too big…” An elderly woman touched the necklace she was wearing and stopped at the sparkling blue diamond deliberately.

Immediately afterwards, the woman standing next to Qin Zhi’ai said embarrassedly, “They are, indeed! My husband buys me gifts every time he goes on a business trip. The shoes I’m wearing now, they were nearly a million, but it’s a pity that they don’t match any of my dresses.”

“I see, mine are the same.”



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