Friday, 7 February 2020




(Go As Far As You Can! (3)

An extremely bad feeling climbed into Gu Yusheng’s heart, so he stiffened a bit and abruptly looked backwards, only to see a blue car in the central area of the street, parking in the place he had just been pushed away from.

A person was lying about two yards away from the car’s front bumper.

Not far from the left hand of the person was a suit jacket.

He couldn’t have been more familiar with that suit jacket, because it was the one that he had just taken off and thrown to Liang Doukou.

So, is the person lying there Liang Doukou?

He had thrown the suit jacket to her and turned around. Had she shouted at him because a car was rushing towards him?

Thinking hard, Gu Yusheng recalled Liang Doukou’s shout—”Gu Yusheng!”

Gu Yusheng’s body swayed a bit, and he leaned against the streetlight behind him with the dim light shining down on the top of his head, blurring his handsome face.

He remained calm, no emotional fluctuation on his face, staring at the suit jacket on the ground without blinking, as still as if he was in a picture.

The driver of the car was obviously frightened by the sudden car accident, as he sat in the car for a while, then pushed the door open and got out in a panic.

Qin Zhi’ai was lying there, motionlessly.

The driver wasn’t sure if she was alive. He was very scared as he walked slowly to her. Then he squatted down and reached his hand out to her nose.

Before the driver had checked out if there was an air flow coming out of her nose, Qin Zhi’ai, who had been lying on the ground with her eyes closed, opened her eyes gradually.

Seeing that she had already woken up, the driver felt relieved, saying, “Miss, are you okay?”

Qin Zhi’ai was blank-minded for a while, but when she realized the situation, she moved her head to look around, her facial expression obviously relaxing when she saw Gu Yusheng leaning against the street lamp by the roadside. Then she laid her eyes on the driver, answering, “I am… fine.”

“All right, all right! Thank god! What a close call!” The more the driver recalled the accident, the more scared he became, so he repeated his words several times. He seemed to have remembered something to do, and fished a cell phone out of his pocket hurriedly, saying, “I’ll call the ambulance immediately, and the police…”

“No, no need to.” Qin Zhi’ai moved her body gently. After making sure that there were no fractures or breaks, she continued, “Just send me directly to the hospital.”

“Oh, okay,” the driver responded dully, then after a short while, when he completely understood the situation, he hurriedly reached out and helped her up from the ground.



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