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"Spoiled Girl" Episode 19

The Spoiled Girl

Episode 19

(Never Betray Me)

"Nothing, where are you going now?" Victor pushed his gold-colored glasses to his nose; the transparent lenses covered his unclear emotions.

He assumed that Emily was Jacob's woman, otherwise why would he ask him to take care of her during the competition... Now it seemed that the situation was not what he had thought it to be.

'Hey, there's actually a woman that Jacob can not get? Interesting!'

"I…" Emily realized that she looked really awful. She had lost her face in front of her idol. She said embarrassingly," ... I am going to go home."

Initially, she had made plans to go out, but she needed to go home and fix herself first.

I'll walk you home."

Emily was flattered; she stammered," Thank you, actually you don't need to..."

Victor wasn't a fan of small-talk, so he persuaded," Just walk with me."

Emily did not refuse Victor a second time, even though she was embarrassed to be with him in her current state.

The two did not say a word to each other on the way to Emily's home, but surprisingly, they didn't look awkward at all.

When they reached the door, Emily finally took the lead and said," Here is my home, thank you very much Mr. Victor... Would you like to come in and sit down for some coffee?"

She was a bit hesitant about the last sentence.

Although she had idolised Victor from a young age, the relationship between them had not fully developed yet. It seemed a bit awkward and embarrassing to be in the same room alone. However, he had helped her before, so she wanted to express her gratitude by inviting him into her house to have some coffee as her guest...

Fortunately, Victor did not intend to go in for a visit," No, thanks."

"All right." Emily was so embarrassed that she didn't know what to say. It took a while before she gathered her courage and asked him," Mr. Victor, you… Do you believe what they said?

Facing her cautious and nervous eyes, Victor paused for a moment and replied to her directly," I believe in you."

In other words, he believed his own judgement. If Emily was the kind of person as described on the Internet, he would not let her win the championship in the first place.

Emily's heart was inexplicably moved. It felt like the rush of warm stream flowing from her heart to her limbs. Victor's trust in her gave her confidence.

There were still people who believed in her. Moreover, one of them is Victor...

What reason did she have for giving up to the bullies so easily? None!

She must definitely prove her innocence to those people! Those who had looked down on her, laughed at her and defamed her!

"If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know."

He handed Emily his contact card. She wore the look of appreciation on her face and said," I don't know how to express my gratitude. Thank you very much, Mr. Victor."

Victor simply replied," All right." He didn't say anything else, before he turned around and walked away.

Emily waved him farewell, regardless, if he could see it or not. "Goodbye, Mr. Victor!"

Meanwhile, Jack, who Emily thought had already left, was spying on the two from a distance where he could not be seen. He watched as the "hero" Victor saved the "beauty" Emily and brought her home to safety...He was the one who should be Emily's knight in shining armour, not that Victor or whatever his name!

He stood there in that place for a long time. Thinking of the man's face, he suddenly turned around and kicked the door of his Aston Martin!


The loud sound came with a shallow dent on the door of his expensive car. The woman sitting inside the car screamed out in fear.

"Jack, What are you doing?" Rose carefully got her head out of the window and asked the raging man, softly.

Jack ignored her, fuming with uncontrollable anger.

As he gradually calmed down, it came to him that he do know the man. It was Victor!

'No wonder Emily won the championship in the Jewelry Design Competition; the judge Victor is her paramour!' He remembered how much Emily had admired Victor ever since she w

as just a student!

Jack resented the thought. How could he not know when Emily hooked up Victor!

Rose, too, was lost in her own thoughts at this moment. Earlier, she had asked one of the protestors to throw sulphuric acid at Emily in the most opportune moment. The plan was so simple that she did not think it would fail so easily.

She was irritated and frustrated at the same time. Suddenly, Jack grabbed her by the chin, the force of his hold was hurting her!

"Mr. Jack…" She had witnessed Jack's unpredictable mood before and he has been so unpredictable lately; she did not dare to speak up against him, but could not help begging for mercy in the end.

Jack fIxated his eyes on hers, before he let her go. He said with a chilling tone and a cold look in his eyes," Never betray me, or you will meet a fate far worse than death."

A cold chill went up Rose's spine. She soon responded to Jack and hugged him complaisantly. She assured him with the most affectionate glance," Jack, I will never betray you."

Jack eventually calmed down, but the violent emotions were still rolling in the bottom of his heart. He suddenly reached up, raised Rose's face, and kissing her violently.


In the apartment, Emily refreshed herself and then sat back on the computer desk.

Now she didn't really want to go out anymore. Who knew if she would come across the same group of netizens again? If ever, there came another bottle of sulphuric acid, she didn't know if she would be so fortunate again.

It seemed to her that she must put "moving" on the top of her priorities.

She held onto the calling card left by Victor; she was slightly fascinated by it. She remembered what he had said," If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know." She was really moved.

Such a man, with a cold face but a warm heart; with talent and a good personality; extremely scrupulous and conscientious, was hard to come across very often. She was proud of having such a good idol!

Emily put away the name card carefully. She had no intentions of asking Victor for help now. She wanted to solve her problems by herself.

When she was thinking, the phone on the table vibrated and made a pleasant ringing voice.

Emily reached out and answered the phone. It was her mother.

"Emily, your father is is cancer. The surgery and following therapy is going to cost a lot of money. I really don't know what to do..."

Emily's brain immediately shut down; her throat went dry. She struggled and said," Mom, what are you saying?"

She remembered how healthy her father looked before she had left home. How could it be possible...

"Your father got diagnosed with cancer."

Her mother repeated. Her words were like a heavy hammer, slamming the heart of Emily, with no respite.

Cancer, a disease with a very high mortality rate.

Emily trembled and asked," Has it been diagnosed?"

"The doctor had diagnosed it. Why would I lie to you about such thing..."

"It's okay, it will be all be okay."

Emily took a deep breath and comforted her sobbing mother, as well as herself. She said, positively," Modern medicine is highly developed and advanced. Dad will be all right. There are good hospitals in Jingshi City. I will take him there for his treatment."

Her words seemed to have comforted her mother as she stopped crying. Soon, her mother said again," No need. We are too old to travel to a far place and I am afraid that it will affect your work. In fact, the hospitals in Haicheng City are also very good. The main problem is the lack of financial support..."

"Did the doctor say how much it will cost?"

"The doctor said the treatment would cost at least 800, 000 yuan, and there is still a lot of treatment following behind..."

"Eight hundred thousand yuan?"

Helplessly, Emily clenched her fists. She didn't have that much money.

Her mother noticed something different about her, and tentatively asked," Emily, do you have a rich boyfriend, named J...something?

Can you borrow some money from him?"



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