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"Spoiled Girl" Episode 28

Spoiled Girl

Episode 28

(I Am Not Fussy About Food)

Emily took the flower cautiously, and took a glimpse at the people's faces. An inexplicable sense of warmness overwhelmed her from the bottom of her heart.

"Just as long as it doesn't happen again."

Embarrassed, they lowered their heads and said," Emily, from now on we will do our best to distinguish right from wrong, and we will never be so emotional and impulsive ever again. Thank you for your magnanimity."

In truth, they were all righteous young men with integrity and values. They had acted impulsively under the incitement of wicked-minded people who took advantage of their hatred for both plagiarism and people's lack of awareness of copyright protection laws.

Now that they all felt remorseful for what they had done, they had learned their lessons and corrected their errors.

After everything had been unclouded, Emily exchanged a few words with them. When she was about to leave, the crowd rushed up to her again, frantically, and pleaded," Miss Bai, can I have your autograph, please?

"Emily, I am your fan now!"

"Emily! Emily, can I get a photo taken with you?"

The crowd was wildly enthusiastic, as if they were huge fans of Emily. She had never encountered anything like this before; thus she didn't know how to react at all. "Take your time. Be careful. Please don't push..."

The twittering crowd soon drown out Emily's voice; she was surrounded on all sides. Someone bumped into her by accident; before she could react, she had lost her footing---

"Ahh..." Emily let out a short and desperate cry. Although much to her surprise, the pain from the fall did not come to her as expected. Just as she was about to fall to the ground, someone with strong arms grabbed her and pulled her to a safe embrace.

The person helped her get back on her feet, before she had the time to see his face. Firmly holding her wrist with his big hand, he quickly ran away from the crowd with her.

The crowd was puzzled at Emily's sudden disappearance. By the time they realized that Emily had escaped, she was already far away from the crowd.

Seeing the two of them escape together, one of the girls in the crowd asked," Who is that man taking Emily away?" He looks a lot like Jacob..."

Another girl looked at the same direction, but neither could she recognize who the man was," Why would Jacob come here? You must be seeing things."

"Maybe," The other girl conceded.

Before Emily knew it, she had covered a long distance running with the man. She finally yelled," Slow down..."

The man stopped. He turned around, looked at Emily's face and said sneeringly," You're already tired from such a small distance?"

Emily raised her eyes to see the man's face. Astonished at who it was, she stuttered," Ja...Jacob...?"

Jacob cocked his handsome eyebrow and asked," Astonished?"

Emily cried out loud in her mind, 'Of course I am astonished.' But she simply asked," Why are you here?"

She tried to pull her hand away, but Jacob had no intentions of letting her go.

"Just passing by." Jacob replied casually. He squinted at her as she kept trying to pull her hand away from his.

Realizing that he was much stronger than she could ever be, Emily ceased struggling. She looked at Jacob in the eye and said," Mr. Jacob, Mr. Victor told me that it was you who restored my reputation. I really appreciate that, but I have nothing to repay your generosity with at the moment..."

"You do."

"I don't." Emily replied without hesitation.


"Yes, really. Nothing."

It seemed like the two of them were playing a guessing game that only they could understand.

Jacob gazed deeply into her eyes. After a few seconds, he let her hand go, and said," Since I helped you out, it wouldn't be too much if I asked you to invite me to dinner, right?"

Jacob never expected anything in return for all the things that he had done for her. He was just teasing

her. Jacob enjoyed seeing her acting all serious and emphatic. What annoyed him, however, was the fact that Emily invited Victor to dinner yesterday, but she did not even think of him even until now... That was not good.

Emily understood him and said hurriedly," No, it's not too much..."

Jacob helped her get her life back on track; he deserved a treat.

Jacob didn't say anything more about the topic. Instead, he suddenly reached out and grabbed the flowers from Emily's hand. He glanced at the flowers before throwing them into the garbage can, saying," They're ugly."

Emily," ......"

...... "Did you ask for my permission, before you threw away the flowers?" Jacob was a very childish man.

Soon after, without further ado, Jacob made off with Emily in his Maybach; he took her to a famous restaurant in Jingshi City.

The food in this restaurant was extravagantly costly; most people who came to dine here are some of the richest people in the country. The restaurant did very well to protect the privacy of their guests, and that was why they did not receive any unnecessary attention when Emily went in with Jacob.

In the luxury compartment, Emily glanced at the price on the menu, then looked secretly at Jacob who was ordering dishes. He had been picking the expensive dishes without hesitation.

Sure enough, every dog has its day. She just used this trick to punish Rose yesterday. And now it was her turn to have a taste of her own medicine.

The thought of her bank card and credit card, which either had only a small amount of money left in it or was close to be cancelled, made Emily's heart sink in sadness.

Jacob was amused by Emily's distraught expression, but he pretended not to notice her looks," Why are you looking at me like that? Order whatever you like."

'Look at that condescending tone. Surely you sounded like a snob, but you won't be the one to pay for all of this.' Even with a sorrowful heart, Emily smiled," No, I'm not picky about food. Just order the dishes you like and I'll be fine."

Well, may be she would be full just by looking at Jacob's face.

Thus, Jacob ordered several more dishes.

"......" Emily didn't say anything. She wondered how much it would cost in the end.

After all the dishes were served, Emily was still somewhat absent-minded.

"Why? Are you full just by looking at me?"

Jacob's soft voice echoed in her ear. Emily spontaneously answered," Yes."

As soon as she spoke, she sensed something was wrong. She looked up and saw Jacob looking at her with a smirk, she blushed," No, I'm not."

"Then, why don't you eat? Waiting for me to feed you?"

"No!" Emily immediately took up the chopsticks, randomly picked a dish and sent the food into her mouth.

Jacob ate at a comfortable speed. Indeed, it was pleasant to see the elegance and nobility displayed casually in his behavior, as if he were born out of elegance and nobility.

Emily exclaimed an admiration in her heart secretly. She then buried her head into the dishes and resumed to eat. However, for some reason she wasn't enjoying the food.

Was it her mood that had affected her sense of taste?

Jacob somehow noticed Emily's absent-mindedness and stopped eating. With his hands crossed on the table, he watched Emily, patiently and quietly.

As a matter of fact, although the way Emily ate could not be described as elegant, it definitely wasn't coarse. Her cheeks were round with food; she looked like a squirrel eating food. It was adorable.

Jacob came to a sudden realization that the woman he fancied was undoubtedly the most lovely woman in the world.

"Why are you looking at me like that..." Emily turned her eyes inadvertently, only to meet directly with Jacob's. Surprised, she choked and then coughed violently.

Jacob frowned. He reached out his hand and patted her on the back until she stopped coughing. "Am I scary?"





  2. awwwn...jacob is changing,he is behaving more gentle towards her now



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