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"Spoiled Girl" Episode 27

Spoiled Girl

Episode 27


"Huh?" Emily's eyes went blank, she asked," What's the difference?"

She owed money to the company, whose founder was Victor. Didn't that mean she owed him money? Victor also said that taking money from the company's account would set a bad example for other employees.

Of course it was different. 'Emily only needs to pay back the money owed to the company if I record the debt on company's account; any money owed to me will be considered a debt of gratitude, and such debt is much more difficult to pay back, ' thought Victor. A man's face suddenly popped into his mind. It looked like someone was being really considerate for Emily. "Who knows? Maybe he just couldn't stand another man doing his girl a favor." Victor shrugged and thought to himself.

However, he did not intend to say this to Emily Bai. Instead, he only said," The company now has a major shareholder who has invested a lot of money, and he will have the final say in the future."

Anyway, Victor's purpose of opening a company in Z Country was not meant for profit in the first place, and what he really intended to do was... He didn't really care about the company's operations and management for this reason. He thought it was totally okay to sell that mysterious shareholder a favor by helping Emily out.'

Emily Bai revealed a stunned expression. After all, Victor was the chairman of the company. Was it smart of him to go back on his word?

"I guess you will see him soon," said Victor casually. Although there was no expression on his face, there were hints of an inexplicable mystery in his tone.

Nevertheless, Emily didn't notice it. Eventually, she remembered the purpose of asking him out," Mr. Victor, thank you for helping me out with everything."

"I think you're giving me too much credit."

"I have seen the news today, thank you."

"Me?" Victor's expression finally changed as he asked," Do you think I had something to do with it?"

Emily looked at him in confusion," Wasn't it you?"

Unfortunately, although Victor had wanted to meddle in and help Emily clear her name because he appreciated her talents, someone took actions before him. Since his previous chivalry was considered as "stealing the fruit of someone else's labors", he refused to get involved in Emily's affairs and beat Jacob Gu to the draw again.

"Then, who could it be?"

"What do you think?" Instead of giving a straight-forward answer, Victor answered with another question.

The answer faintly appeared in Emily Bai's mind. She bit her lip nervously, 'No, no way...'

Was Jacob Gu the man who had been helping her all along?

"Anyway, it's not me you need to thank." Of course, Victor wouldn't steal the merits of others. He made that very clear.

Emily Bai nodded and then shook her head," I understand. But, you've also helped me a lot before, and I'll never forget that."

Likewise, she would keep in mind what Jacob Gu had done for her.

Victor looked at her face for a moment and then said," Do as you please."

Meanwhile, Jack, who was eating in another place, glared at a picture he had paid someone to take.

In the photo, Emily was handing a bag of clothes to Victor. However, the odd angle of the photo made it seem like Victor was leaning in to kiss Emily.

"Argh..." Jack tore the photo into pieces. The rage in his malevolent, black eyes brewed like a tornado.

'Emily Bai! Victor!'


"Today Miss Bai was seen shopping for clothes at the mall, and one of which was a man's suit..." In the President's office of the Gu's Consortium, Sam reported to Jacob Gu on the whereabouts of Emily Bai.

"Oh?" Jacob Gu leaned back on his chair, twirling a signature pen in his hand, in a relaxed posture.

'So, the little one went to buy a man's suit. Was it a gift to thank me? Doesn't she know that I won't be that easy to deal with?' Jacob slightly curled his lips into a smirk.

Sam continued," In the afternoon, Miss Bai made an appointment with Mr. Victor for dinner..."

But before Sam could finish his sentence, Jacob's face went black.

Suddenly, the phone on the table rang, interrupting Sam.

Jacob glanced at the screen to see who it was. His long narrow eyes squinted slightly, as he

answered the phone," Victor."

"I have already prepared the contract for the shareholders you mentioned last time."

"It's all up to you." Jacob Gu obviously had an axe to grind in this matter, so he added," Do you have anything else to explain?"

"Explain?" Victor let out a little smile from one corner of his mouth," Are you talking about Emily Bai inviting me to dinner, or giving me clothes?"

"Victor." Jacob's blood was starting to boil.

There was a hint of banter in Victor's tone, as he said," This is a rare occasion for me. I finally have something to provoke your emotions with."

Jacob did not respond, and yet Victor knew that he was really angry and jealous of him because of a woman.

"Emily doesn't know that you helped her. She thinks it was me," Victor sighed before continuing," Jacob, that's not the way to go after a woman."

"Shit!" Jacob couldn't tolerate Victor's words anymore so he cursed at him and hung up on his face.

Victor did not understand the situation clearly, so he thought he was just helping by giving Jacob a talking-to!

Sam glanced at his big boss carefully, not knowing whether to continue reporting or not. He stood there waiting, until the boss cast a fiery glance at him; he continued," And we found out that Mr. Jack and his men have been monitoring Miss Bai; they have also been taking pictures of her secretly."

"Jack?" Jacob sneered," I think he is being too idle. Find something to keep him busy if that's the case."

"Yes, Mr. Jacob."


Emily Bai remembered Jacob's help in her heart. She always wanted to find an opportunity to thank him, but for some inexplicable reason, she did not dial his number.

In truth, she didn't know how to face Jacob Gu.

The next day, Emily got off work and left the company. Emily had a lot on her mind, so she didn't pay attention to her surroundings.

Emily walked for a long distance before she realized that something was wrong. Behind her was a large group of people, and most of them looked quite familiar. Emily soon recognized that they were exactly the same people who gathered up in front of her apartment and attacked her that day. Before she knew it, she was surrounded by those emotional netizens!

"What are you doing?" The unannounced presence of the people cast a shadow over the heart of Emily Bai. Her whole body was tense and alert to their approach.

The group of over zealous people walked up to Emily and surrounded her. It seemed like one of them even had something in his hands. 'Would it be a weapon?' Emily was startled.

She made a run for her life, but someone grabbed hold of her and dragged her back immediately. She fell straight into their circle.

"I didn't plagiarize!" She shut her eyes and shouted this sentence repeatedly.

The people surrounding her was stunned to see her like that; their expressions became convoluted.

After a while, when Emily didn't hear their movements, she opened her eyes in surprise and looked up into the people around her with almost same expressions.

What happened to these people? What did they want to do this time?

"Excuse me, Miss Bai." The boy who stood at the forefront seemed to be somewhat uncomfortable with Emily Bai's gaze. He cleared his throat and explained," Actually, we are here to apologize."

"Apologize?" Before Emily Bai could ask more questions, they started to speak.

"Yes, we apologize for our impulsive and extreme behavior before. We all misunderstood you, Miss Bai. We're really sorry."

The clear and loud sound of "sorry" surrounded Emily Bai. Her feelings were all over the place, like a spilled bottle of sauce, ups and downs, all in one.

"We are willing to make it up to you. Just ask for it and we'll make it happen." The boy passed something to Emily; his ears was a little red when he pleaded," I hope that you will accept our apology."

"There's no need for apologies. It doesn't matter." Emily's perspective of the other party took a while to change. It wasn't until someone had placed something in her hand when she finally realized, that the other party was not carrying something to attack her. Instead, they were carrying a bunch of yellow roses to give to her.




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