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"Spoiled Girl" Episode 22

Spoiled Girl

Episode 22

(Adorn Yourself With Borrowed Plumes)

Jack could hardly control his malevolence towards Emily, as if the fury suppressed in his heart would decrease each time he insulted Emily.

Emily bit her lip for a second before asking," Is that what you call 'fun', Mr. Gu?"

"Certainly it is!"

It was obvious that Jack was not completely over Emily. He used to love and cherish her very much, but she betrayed him!

The thought of Emily's betrayal brought back many resentful memories, so instead of reflecting on himself, the only thing he wanted to do was to destroy Emily!

"I have no time to play such childish games with you, Jack."

"Childish? It's you who is in need of money, not me," Jack said with an evil smile on his handsome face, then he continued," Victor was at least the President of LA Jewelry, didn't he give you any money, Emily?"

Emily raised her head," Why would he give me money?"

"I am no stranger to your hookup with Victor! You are a fast learner, Emily!"

Emily figured that Jack had lost his mind, she said," I don't care if you defame me, but don't involve Victor; our affairs have nothing to do with him."

Suddenly, the whole room fell silent. Clearly, they had some unfinished business between them, so everyone decided to keep quiet and listen to them.

"Nothing to do?" Hearing Emily defend another man made Jack grind his teeth in anger, he asked," I want to know, do you regret what you have done? You're nothing without me!"

"Huh!" Emily sneered at him and continued," I have never coveted anything from you when we were together, what could I possibly care about after our breakup?"

"Do you think you are special? You are nothing but the eldest son of Gu family! You've never worked for your money; every penny you spend comes from your family, so what's so great about you? You merely adorn yourself with borrowed plumes!"

Emily's words hit straight in the heart of Jack, whose face turned taut with anger almost instantaneously. Jack had no patience for such insolence, the next moment he burst out screaming," Emily, dare you repeat what you've said?" He wanted to strangle her, then and there.

Emily glared at him intently before delivering a tight slap right across his face. Unfortunately, Jack was too angry to react in time, so his face took the full force of the slap. "Bang!"

Emily had wanted to slap Jack hard ever since they broke up, and she wanted to keep on hitting him; she detested him for all the things he had done to her: his betrayal, his frame-up with Rose, and now his pleasure in her misery! All that pent-up hatred could not be released with just one slap!

Finding the right opportunity, Emily kicked Jack's shin really hard before running away.

Jack seethed with anger at Emily's arrogance and audacity.

Jack roared," Stop right there, Emily!"

The next moment, Emily stopped running. Not because Jack had asked her to, but because, she accidentally ran into a man at the doorway!

"Excuse me, sir," hurried Emily, without even lifting her head to see who it was.

Meanwhile, Jack raged on violently behind her," Stop her!"

When the man at the doorway turned himself slightly, Emily took the chance and squeezed through the gap immediately. However, just as she was about to zip past this person, she clearly felt him pinch her on the waist.

All of a sudden, Emily's whole body stiffened before she staggered for several steps, followed by a familiar, deep chuckle from the man.

Emily thought she recognized the person, if she was right...

Fearing the very thought of it, she didn't dare to turn her head to find out, instead she ran away directly.

The interaction between them lasted only a few seconds, before Jack had already strode to the doorway. Watching Emily disappear into the distance, Jack's face turned black all of a sudden, he shouted," Why did you not stop her... You...Uncle Jacob?"

In s

pite of the dim light, he could still recognize the man at the doorway. Yes, it was his uncle, Jacob. Immediately, he sobered up from his rage a bit and explained himself with a touch of respect and reverence," I didn't know it was you, uncle. What...What are you doing here?"

He was a little worried, because he had no idea of what Jacob had seen or heard just now at the doorway... However, this matter was only concerning both Jack and Emily, not Jacob. 'It should be irrelevant to Jacob; he barely knew Emily after all," he thought.

"I was just passing by," answered Jacob with a sharp glance at him, he continued in a cold voice as always, but a little more intimidating now," Behave yourself."

Then he turned away.

Jacob's words were like cold water; it sent shivers down Jack's spine as he contemplated about what Jacob had said. Catching up to Emily was the least of his worries now.

What did Jacob mean? Disappointed in him? Or, unhappy with him for keeping bad company?

As to the fact that Jacob let Emily escape just now, Jack didn't entertain that thought for too long as he believed that there was no connection between them.

Emily didn't notice she had forgotten about the wine cart until she got out. She was disappointed at herself because she believed that she would lose not only her hard earned commission but also her job because of that.

As the old saying goes," Impulse is the Devil". She silently blamed herself for acting on her impulses.

However, if she had stayed in that room she would have only been subjected to more insults from Jack and his friends.

At first, Emily thought that Jacob would be the kind of person to force her to submit by any means necessary, but she wasn't expecting to be driven into desperation by Jack.

Emily did not owe Jack or Rose anything; why do they insist on causing problems for her?

Emily's head ached from overthinking. Moreover, the pills she had taken earlier to protect herself from the alcohol were becoming less effective; they were no longer helping her keep her mind clear from the effects of the alcohol. She was starting to feel dizzy.

She staggered and fell to the ground.

However, before she hit the ground, a pair of big hands caught her firmly and pulled her close into a warm hug.

It took Emily a few seconds to recollect herself. She was about to push away the hands embracing her, when suddenly, she was pressed against the wall.

"You..." Emily recognized the face in front of her, illuminated under the moon light, but she still confirmed," Jacob?"

The man at the doorway just now must have been him. 'Somehow, he seems to be everywhere in my life, ' she thought.

Jacob winked at Emily, soon before she cried out in anger.

"Let go of me! You and Jack are two peas in a pod. Always forcing me! All men in Gu family are bastards!"

The sight of Jacob's face somehow ignited the flames of fury Emily had suppressed for a long time. She couldn't help herself from erupting like a volcano.

"Since my life is such a mess right now, could you please not mess with me any more? How unlucky it is of me to get involved with the both of you!"

Emily struggled to get away from him; she struggled so hard, it was as if her life depended on it. Jacob almost failed to control her, as she accidentally hit him in the face. He wasted no time and glared back at her with his eyes widened.

Then he squinted his eyes, raised her chin and gently bit her luscious lips.

"Hiss..." Emily gasped in pain and finally realized that she might have irritated Jacob, again.

"Feeling calm now?"

Emily was frightened by the stony expression on Jacob's face. She nervously licked her lips and tasted a hint of blood," I..."

With a hint of affection in his eyes as he saw what Emily was doing with her sweet tongue and lips, Jacob asked Emily," Are you afraid now?"





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