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"Spoiled Girl" Episode 21

Spoiled Girl

Episode 21

(Do You Want To Go Back On Your Word)

Unfortunately, the much anticipated slap failed to satisfy. Instead, Jack quickly caught Emily's slender wrist with one hand, hard enough to break her bones. Jack's frenzied expression was starting to make her nervous.

"Emily, do you think I'll still spoil you like I used to? Believe it or not, I can snap your hand like a twig!"

Unable to pull away from Jack, Emily could only stare at him helplessly, with her lips pressed tightly. She refused to respond to his threats.

Jack smiled coldly, pointing to his friends sitting next to him," You'd better figure out your position if you want to sell wine here. If you don't want to be alone with me, you can choose them. The more, the better."

Having read the hint in Jack's eyes, the expression of his friends' face turned lustful.

"Oh! That's so kind of you, Jack. It would be our honor to even play with those you don't want any more."

"No problem." Emily responded suddenly, lowering her eyes in shame," Please let go of me first, Mr. Gu."

She had no intentions of keeping in touch with Jack. Everything he did sickened her to the core.

Jack froze in disbelief for a brief moment, upon hearing her response, before turning mad with anger.

Realizing the fact that Emily would rather play with his friends than stay with him, angered him beyond control.

When Emily noticed Jack's grip on her wrist loosening, she struggled harder and finally got away from him. She then carried the bottle of wine to the men sitting next to Jack.

This infuriated Jack severely, and without giving it a second thought, he forcefully grabbed Emily and threw her onto the leather sofa.

"Shameless woman! They will also think you're filthy though you're willing to play with them!"

Despite her dizziness from being thrown around by Jack, Emily still remembered to protect the wine in her arms. When she finally recovered, she snapped at him angrily," What the hell do you want? Filthy? Who is filthier? You or me?"

Jack stared at her and answered," Of course, you are."

Emily smiled wickedly all of a sudden, with a hint of sneer.

Regardless of what he had said, she knew that she was better than Jack; not only did Jack have a filthy body, he also had a filthy mind.

"Be careful, Mr. Gu, and be sure not to touch me any more, otherwise, your noble status will get stained with my filth."

Irritated by those words, Jack eye's were full of anger, he said," Trust me, I'd never touch you because it would disgust me!"

"I'm so sorry that you feel that way. If you have no intention of buying wine, I shall take my leave now."

Emily acted politely and kindly, even though there was a hint of alienation in her eyes as she looked at Jack as if she had been talking to a stranger.

She had no time or energy to play with Jack. He could eat the bread of idleness but she had more pressing matters at hand—she needed to make money to save her father.

"Or course, I'll buy." Jack changed his expression gradually, as if some conniving idea had presented itself to him, and continued in a malicious tone," Well, I'll buy any bottle of wine as long as you drink the whole bottle by yourself, okay?"

Emily paused for a moment to think about Jack's words.

She realized that Jack was teasing her deliberately just to embarrass her, but she was desperate and couldn't help but calculate the commission she could earn from those expensive wine.

Sometimes, money doesn't mean everything in life, but without money, life is nothing, especially when one is in trouble and in desperate need of money.

Emily closed her eyes to calm down before turning back to make sure," You'll buy as much as

wine as I can drink?"

Jack sneered slightly," Yes."

In an instant, Emily picked the most expensive bottles from the cart, lined them up on the table and opened them carefully, before drinking like a fish.

Jack's friends applauded and hooted Emily's valor.

"Jack, this girl is pretty good."

"The girl has a big-heart, but I'm curious about her drinking capacity."

"Hahaha, she looks as weak as water, I believe she would get drunk with one bottle of wine, at most."


The wine was so strong that Emily felt her throat burn immediately, as it passed through her body. With her neck held high in a beautiful line, she was just like a beautiful swan.

Jack stared blankly at the red wine spilling from her mouth, sliding down her face and into her clothes.

Suddenly, his throat started to feel dry, with a hint of desire in his mind. His friends were stunned; they couldn't keep their eyes off Emily, similarly lusting over her like Jack.

He couldn't help cursing Emily in his heart, how could she seduce men all the time!

A sudden impulsive feeling overcame his heart, as he wanted to drive all the men away to stop them from seeing Emily any more.

Emily was absorbed in drinking, unconcerned with opinions of others.

She had already made preparations before she accepted the job in that establishment. To avoid being drunk easily, she had taken a handful of sober pills beforehand.

After drinking 3 bottles in succession, she stopped herself. Instead of being drunk as expected by Jack's friends, she was still sober and her eyes were as clear as before, except her reddish cheeks, which appeared somewhat enticing.

"The three bottles of wine were imported from F country and cost a total of 360 thousand. Cash or card, Mr. Gu?"

Emily put back the bottles carefully. She was sure that Jack had ulterior motives, so she controlled herself from getting drunk in front of him.

She had never imagined that as his ex-girlfriend, she would have to guard herself against him to such an extent.

Jack calmed down, when he realized that Emily didn't care about the desires in other men. He said to her," Why not continue?"

Emily pressed her lips slightly and then replied," You only said that you will buy as much as I can drink instead of asking me to drink all of them. They cost 360 thousand in total. Do you want to go back on your word?"

"Hah! Go back? I've enough money." Jack took out his card and paid the amount in full.

Emily was perfectly satisfied with her success; 60 thousand from the 360 thousand was her commission.

Jack was irritated by the look of satisfaction in Emily's face; he caught her hand quickly before she could leave.

"Are you really so desperate for money, Emily?"

It was merely 360 thousand. How could she be so happy? He could have given her more, much more than 360 thousand. 3.6 million was also a piece of cake for him as long as it would make her happy.

Emily withdrew her hand hard and rolled her eyes at Jack," Yes, I am short of money."

It was not a boast that she would definitely drink Jack, the bastard, bankrupt today if she weren't for fear of her dying here.

Her impatient attitude made Jack's blood boil, he stood up and stopped her with his long arms. He said, with a malicious smile as if an evil idea had just occurred to him," Since you are so short of money, how about playing a game? I can pay you as much as you want, if you win."

Emily stared at him with her lips pressed tightly. 

Jack continued," I will not force you to do anything unreasonable, just as long as we have fun. Can you walk on your knees for three rounds and bark like a dog?"




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