Monday, 27 January 2020

"Six Days With A Bad Girl" Episode 17

💗 Six Days with a bad girl 💗

Written by Feathers 

Episode 17

Romeo POV 

"Yes" I replied

I could see the look of mixed emotions on her face but I just had to put it that way

Maybe with this she can stop loving me

" but.... I.. " she wanted to say before she ran out 

I felt the urge to run after her but I can't 
Haven't loved anyone before and ion want her to fall inlove with me 

She might end up hurting herself,. 

I stood up and walk towards her room, wanted to knock on her door when I heard sobs quietly I knew instantly it was Julie

I felt a burnt in my heart, didn't mean to hurt her with my words right now I feel guilty

She needs some time alone I better go back to my room 
But while do I feel hurt just hearing her cry. What is this feeling in my heart when I hear her voice?? 

My delivery had arrived but I lost interest in the food.. 

I was bored Julie wasn't around to tease me which I really enjoyed 

I waited all night hoping she would come downstairs but she didn't 

Eventually I got tired  of waiting and walked sluggishly to room, I glance at her door one more time before entering my room

Julie POV 

His words sank deep into my heart. 

I wanted to say something but I was too hurt to say anything had to ran outta the room. 

Got to my room and cried my eyes out
How did I get so soft??   I was so stupid to give him my heart only to find out he is gay

I need to stop whatever feeling I have for him because I know he would never love me back no matter what 

Cried alot till my eyes got swollen I was hoping he would come and check up on me but he didn't.. 

This made me cry more till I slept off




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