Friday, 31 January 2020

"Six Days With A Bad Girl" 25

💗 Six Days with a bad girl 💗

Written by Feathers 

Episode 25

Steve POV

Julie and I  have getting along just fine

She has all the qualities I want in a woman, and a care free spirit too

I think have fallen for her but am scared 

I don't know how to tell her about my feelings and secondly she is not from here 

She might leave me anytime soon 

But am gonna make sure I tell her about my feelings before she leaves 

I know she likes me too judging from the way she act with me.


I took her to a classic restaurant around town.

I had already booked a table for both of us 

Immediately we got to our table ,I acted like a gentleman and pulled out a chair for her

"Thank you" she said and sat down

"It's nothing dear so what would you like to have " i said as I signaled the  waiter to come over

"Nah don't worry am okay" she said

"Oh common don't tell me you okay just order for anything " i said with a heart warming smile

"Okay fine you got me" she said surrendering with her hands up

The waiter came to take our orders

"I want chicken salad and some peperoni " she said

"I will the same thing as hers " i said

Moment later our meal was served ,

We ate and gist over so many things

I laughed so hard when told about a boy who try to steal from her and how she ends up shaving all his hair off

I can't start to imagine the look on the boy's face

This girl is incredible and crazy too

I can't believe am seating down and chatting with a one time highschool bad girl.

She also told me about the girl she had tied to the school gate simply because she called her a tom boy.





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